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Excerpt from "The Digestive Chemistry Diet"

Ok, here are some tactics that I use if my stomach starts to burn.

First I need to tell you that to fix this problem it will take a couple days or more to get the maximum long-term relief.

1 -- Most important -- start following the food combining principles chart.

2 -- Stop eating cooked acid fruits.

Here are some examples. Bottled orange juice, bottled lemon juice, canned tomatoes or anything in a can or jar that contains tomatoes.

Everything in a bottle, can, or jar has been pasteurized, has been cooked, and all the enzymes have been destroyed.  The enzymes help to digest the food properly.  If you consume them raw, they will not make your stomach burn nearly as much.

The "food combining principles chart" will tell you which foods are "acid fruits".

3 -- Temporarily stop eating starches. Temporarily cut down on meat.

4 -- Temporarily stop eating sugars from any source.

5 -- Stop eating junk food.

6 -- Stop drinking milk. Milk is widely known to cause heartburn, and most people are lactose intolerant. 

7 -- Temporarily stop eating all spices.

8 -- Temporarily go on a diet of --- cook some green beans in water. Once the green beans are cooled, add some extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. You can eat this with "neutral vegetables" that are low in flavor like carrots, romaine lettuce, collard greens, and celery. Note: always cut celery into very short pieces before chewing well if you ever eat celery, so that the stringy part of the celery is not eaten in long strands. If you eat long strands of celery, it might not be good for your intestines. Would you eat dental floss? Then don't eat long pieces of celery.

Try to eat these foods only, for a couple days, or as long as you feel good so as to flush out your digestive track of any conflicting "bad food combinations" that is in your digestive track. 

Then once your stomach stops burning, follow the food combining principles charts, and only eat foods that will help to heal your body.

smoking can cause heartburn9 -- Stop smoking cigarettes. Also chewing tobacco will make your stomach burn. 

Also, stop drinking cheap beer like Budwieser, and don't drink liquor.  For best results don't drink any beer.

If you must drink, the only beer (of the ones that are currently available at the grocery store) that I will drink is "Guinness Draught" in a can. 

Guinness is not as bad as other beers for avoiding heartburn and acid refluxBudweiser always used to burn my stomach (the last one was about 3 years ago), and Guinness rarely does. Be warned: it does taste kind of like coffee however and it is a taste that must be acquired.

My disclaimer however is: I do not recommend drinking because its addicting and dangerous.

10 -- Try to space out your meals with time a little more, so your stomach can empty out better before more food is put into your stomach.

If you are constantly snacking then your stomach never empties, and the food that is in your stomach never totally digest all the way because new food keeps mixing with what is already in there, and then the whole batch in your stomach starts to rot and ferment. 

This happens to most people in this country because of the way we were raised by our parents and the school system.

11 -- Once you are flushed out a little, then always follow the "food combining charts". Then you can start experimenting with other natural foods and pay close attention to the way you feel after you eat them. 

Record exactly what you eat, the combinations of foods eaten at a meal, the ratios of foods, the quantity, the time between meals, your energy level and mood, and any pains in your body.

Over time you will start to see patterns and then you can constantly perfect your diet, so that you feel at your best. 

12 -- Also, drink plenty of spring water so as to flush out your insides.

13 -- Follow the rest of the dietary guidelines throughout this book


The chart below is just a general chart for heartburn. Exceptions not shown here. You will want to sometimes strategically break the rules. 

Also certain foods on the chart you will want to limit the quantity of, but they are shown here for clarification. You do not need to follow it 100% strict to gain the benefits from it. 

I will explain much more about it in the free mini-course.

Feel free to save it and print it out for your own personal use.



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