Finally, a diet that focuses on digestive chemistry which lets you lose weight without exercise

By Now, You probably realize that drugs and treatments will never fix the root cause of your ACNE. The reason is because ACNE is caused by eating the wrong foods which are toxic for your genetics.

 Just think of  Poison Ivey, you don't even have to eat it to breakout from it.

"Did you know that acne can be eliminated by going on The Digestive Chemistry Diet. This is because it helps you to systematically figure out exactly what is causing your acne? 

You absolutely can keep your skin from breaking out in embarrassing ACNE by eating the right foods, that are right for your genetics.

The whole "acne has nothing to do with diet" thing, is a flat out lie by the cosmetic industry. 

 "They" want you to always have acne so they can sell you their acne medications.  

I know this because I used to have acne also, and after hundreds of hours of research, and 7 years of trial and error, I was able to track down the foods that were causing it in the first place." 

                                            Teddy G.  NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The results from being on the digestive chemistry diet

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How The Digestive chemistry Diet stops new acne breakouts from forming in the first place. 

"By avoiding foods that glue us down, eating foods that are high in the proper types fiber, and eliminating the exact foods that are causing your acne, you will finally be able to talk to that certain someone that you have previously been scared to talk to, from your fear of rejection.

I know that now that I finally have clear skin, I am a lot less shy than I used to be, and I would say that I now have an Outgoing Personality. 

I FEEL like a brand new person as a result of my New Self Image. I have way more confidence in my social life. Before, when I was breaking out in acne every other day, it was driving me crazy. 

Sometimes I would just stay at home because I didn't want The Girl I had a crush on, to see me with a big old Huge ZIT on my face. 


Its just that the foods that most of us are eating are Toxic, Addictive and very clogging to the human body, So the body will sometimes just send the excess toxins strait out the skin. Our bodies are just tying to survive with what we give it.

"The Digestive Chemistry Diet for Acne" is a balanced diet that recommends avoiding foods that are KNOWN TO CAUSE ACNE, and replaces them with foods that heal your skin. 

It also enables  our foods to digest way more easily because it shows us  how to separate foods that do not digest well together, and it reveals which foods digest very well together.

It also focuses on consuming more raw plant foods (not the ones that break you out though) and their juices. Certain foods contain powerful natural antioxidants, phytochemicals, and living enzymes. 

Healthy Skin is built from Healthy Non Toxic foods. 

(some natural plants are toxic to certain people)

People develop Acne because their bodies are "allergic" to certain substances. 

The reason your skin is breaking out in acne is because of toxic overload.

To protect our vital organs from damage, your body will sometimes have no other option than to eliminate these toxins through your skin. This is actually healthier for you than putting chemicals on your skin that make your skin impermeable like those dangerous acne drugs. This sets up a dangerous situation in the body.

The only way to stop new breakouts is to stop the causative factors, and start eating foods that are full of the nutrients that it needs to rebuild and heal. 

If you cut your finger, it heals itself back up again. If you have an acne bump, it will usually eventually heal itself, or turn into a cyst. 

Acne bumps turn into cyst for 3 reasons

  1. You keep on eating or absorbing the food or toxin that is causing it.

  2. You keep on suppressing it by putting medications on it which are toughening your skin, and the toxin cant get out.

  3. Your other channels of elimination are clogged up in the first place, which is the reason your body has to send the toxins through the skin in the first place.

Every animal on the planet has its own species specific unique diet. Giraffes eat leaves at the top of trees, cheetahs eat deers, cows eat grass, fish eat other fish. A Giraffe would die if it only ate animal flesh.

fix Acne diet acne causes acne solution good skin is healthy skin

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