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Diet meal plans are not created equal, and some of them are actually dangerous to your health in the long term, and can lead to disease.

Can you really risk your health by not doing your home work on discovering what really makes up a healthy diet? 

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diet meal plan

Diet meal plans are all over the Internet these days. There is the low carb diet, low fat diet, low calorie diet, Raw food diet, The Grapefruit diet meal plan, vegetarian diet, Atkins diet, and on and on. 

Before you decide which diet to go on, you should ask yourself a few questions. Which diet meal plan is right for you with your unique genetics? Which diet is the healthiest? What are the long-term effects of being on the diet?

You should always try to do your homework and do a little research and planning before deciding to purchase a diet book, because you don’t want to waste your money if the diet is not going to get you the results that you are seeking. 

A lot of diet books out there are all the same, and a lot of them might seem healthy at first, but once you are on them for a little while, you might find that you are just not getting results and you just can’t stick to it. 

Some diet meal plans recommend that you can eat all the meat and cheese that you like as long as you severely limit your carbohydrate intake. I will tell you right now that this is not the way to go if you want to lose weight, cure acne, or get and stay healthy. 

Overeating meat will make your body acidic and will make you store fat on your body in the long run, and cheese is very clogging to the digestive tract. This is not good because it can lead to a sluggish digestive tract. When the foods in your body do not digest in a timely manner, they start to rot. If this happens, then the rotting foods and residues can start to become toxic to your body. 

Also meat and cheese does not contain any fiber. Fiber is what your intestines grabs onto to keep the foods moving through your digestive tract. 

Other diet meal plans severely limit your fruit intake. Fruits are very healthy and they contain antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals. Fruit has natural sugars in them that give you energy to do high intensity physical activity. 

Fruits are also partially pre-digested so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest them. This makes it easier for the digestive system to keep up.

Also, most diet books that I have read do not even mention that certain foods digest in different ways and with different digestive fluid. They do not mention that certain foods do not digest well when eaten together. They do not explain the science of digestive chemistry.

So, before you rush out and buy the next new diet book out there, do some research on the Internet and study what makes up a healthy diet. And also don’t believe everything that you read. 

If you go to a forum, you have to realize that some forums have moderators that have agendas. They are going to be biased and they edit out the posts that conflict with their interest. 

Find honest people that are already getting the result that you want for yourself, and learn from them. If you take the same steps as they did, you should be able to get a similar result. 

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