definatly not a copy of atkins diet

Does chocolate cause acne? Yes it can in some people.

"Does chocolate cause acne? Yes chocolate definitely can cause acne in some people, depending on your genetics. There are many foods that can cause acne depending on your genetics. 

I know that you have probably read all over the Internet, and told by your doctor that food does not cause acne, but I now know that it does.

 I had cystic acne until I changed my diet. I have been keeping a food journal for 6 years, and now I know that certain foods make me break out. So does chocolate cause acne? My experience says yes."

                                            Teddy Grandy     NASM Certified Personal Trainer

a copy of atkins diet is not what you want

"If I eat a large milk chocolate bar it will usually give me cystic acne somewhere on my body within a few days."

It usually takes 3 days until you will breakout from a certain food after you eat it. (If you are allergic to that certain food.)

If you have a cystic acne bump that never goes away, then you are eating the food that is causing the bump on a regular basis. 

Your skin is an eliminatory organ, and sometimes it will eliminate toxins through your skin if it needs to. 


Some people say that the whole “toxins” thing is nonsense, but just think of Poison Ivy."

Poison Ivy is so toxic, that you don’t even have to eat it to break out from it. You only have to touch it. Also not everyone is allergic to Poison Ivy. 

All plants on the planet are not fit for human consumption and can be toxic. Just think of deadly mushrooms. They are so toxic that they can kill you if you accidentally eat one. 

Back when I was finding the cure for my acne, I would cycle through phases of eating large quantities of the same food, and then not eating that certain food for a while and then notice the result of my skin. 

I decided to test milk chocolate bars to see if they made me break out. I didn’t eat any chocolate or chocolate bars for a few weeks to make sure that all chocolate was out of my system. I did not have acne on my forehead after the 3 weeks. 

To test to see if chocolate bars were causing me acne, I ate a couple large chocolate bars every day for a few days. 

On the third day I developed cystic acne on my forehead. I then quit eating them on the third day. 

It took about a week and a half for the cystic acne bumps on my forehead to go away. 

I tested many foods the same way that I tested chocolate. Over the last 6 years I have been testing every food that I eat to see if it makes me break out. 

I now have a list of foods that were causing my acne, and a list of foods that do not cause me to break out with acne. 

Chocolate bars are not the only food that can cause acne. Any food or substance can cause acne if you have a food allergy to it. 

So, does chocolate cause acne? 

Here is the answer. Yes it can if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the chocolate bars. It might be the oils that they put in the chocolate bars that are making some people break out from eating them.

Does chocolate cause acne in everyone? The answer is no. Since everyone’s genetics are slightly different, some people might be able to tolerate eating chocolate without breaking out. 

Also your overall diet will be a factor. 

Why does chocolate cause acne in some people but not others even though they have very similar genetics like brothers and sisters? Your body has to use the fats that you eat, to make the oil that it puts on your skin. 

If the majority of your dietary fats are from clogging type oils (like the kind in chocolate bars) then your body will have to use what it has to work with. 

If you were to include more non clogging, non allergenic oils (like extra virgin olive oil) into your diet, then your body will have the right kind of dietary building blocks it needs to keep your skin moisturized, without the sebum getting stuck before reaching the surface of your skin.

Your body will then have more of a choice, and not be forced to use the acne causing types of oils. Does chocolate cause acne? It most defiantly can. Anything can if you are slightly allergic to it.

Look for the rest of my articles where I explain other foods to avoid  if you want to cure your cystic acne without drugs, by changing your diet.

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About the author:

Teddy Grandy is a Certified Personal Trainer, by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

His Cure Acne Naturally without Acne Treatments  diet program is the product of over 7 years of research, trial and error.


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