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Note: the information I am sharing here is from my experience only. This is the way I have eliminated the foods that were causing me to breakout in various types of acne.

Healing scars from acne does not happen overnight. The information I am presenting here is mainly how to stop new breakouts. Stopping new breakouts however is the first step in trying to heal your skin. 

Proverbs 20:15 there is gold, and an abundance of jewels; but the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

The best acne treatment is preventing and reversing this condition. You see acne is actually toxins that are trying to leave your body and they get stuck on the way out.

This might also be a sign to help us know what is going on inside our body's. 

Certain foods make me break out in certain areas where other foods will make me break out in other areas. It is almost like maybe it is our body's doing acupuncture on itself. 

This is just my theory but I do know that eating the wrong foods and the wrong food combinations are responsible for my bad skin.

Things to do to help control acne are as follows:

1-- Do not eat table salt. It makes me breakout. Only use un-iodized sea salt also try to cut way down on all salt because salt makes your skin retain water and this makes toxins get stuck on the way out. 

2 -- Hydrogenated oils and gristle fats, and many oils that are in candy bars, soybean oil and cheese, (among other oils) get stuck in the top layers of your skin. 

If you don't eat healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, (extra virgin olive oil is one of the few oils that are currently on my safe list) then your body has to use what it has to work with.

Your body will do what it can to keep your skin moisturized. It has to use the fats that you eat. Eliminate the bad fats and replace them with good fats. Soybean oil makes me breakout and they put it in almost everything. 

I think this is due to a food intolerance or that the oil is just toxic to start with. I think many people have this reaction to these types of oils.

3 -- Stop using acne cream. I know your probably like what? Instead go and get some "raw organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil" put this on your face at night but keep it out of your eyes. It might burn your eyes. Acne creams dry out your skin and it is not good to do this long term. 

4 -- Stop drinking all artificial drinks. I know you are probably like clicking delete on this email or clicking this web page off but wait. How bad do you want to have clear skin. The artificial dyes are toxic and someone I know said that they always had diarrhea until they quit drinking sodas.

5 -- Start drinking raw carrot juice. This is a powerful substance. I give it much credit for rebuilding my skin. It has tons of beta carotene which is good for your liver. 

Your liver helps to eliminate toxins. Acne and pimples are toxins that are being eliminated through your skin. Your skin is your largest eliminative organ. Some of the other eliminative pathways are the lungs, eyes, urine, and shish. 

6 -- Drink spring water when you will be near the bathroom. Water helps to flush out toxins.

7-- Eat more fiber in the form of carrots, apples, pears. All foods need to be eaten in "good combinations." use the food combining charts that are linked to this website. Actually I will put a link here to the food combining chart. 

8 -- Stop ketchup. It contains vinegar which causes bumps on my arms. It also contains table salt.

9 -- Wheat products give me acne bumps in the crack of my nose if I eat a large dose of it. If I just eat a little then it might just make my skin flaky around my nose.

10 -- Garlic especially when cooked makes the end of my nose red and if I eat a lot of cooked garlic it will cause a bump. I still eat a little raw garlic because it taste good but I am phasing it down a little and have not eaten it in a while.

11 -- I think broccoli makes me break out on my leg. Also black pepper probably makes me break out on my leg. I think the spice cumin makes me breakout on my back. It is recommended that you temporarily eliminate all spices if possible for a week and then systematically re-introduce them if necessary watching for which spices or foods are causing the bumps.

12 -- Drink carrot juice--when I first started drinking carrot juice it made me breakout on my temples, but it was a good temporary breakout that was just my body eliminating the toxins that the vitamin a in the carrots enabled my body to "bind to" and get rid of. After a couple breakouts from the carrot juice was over, the carrot juice didn't keep causing future breakouts.

13 -- Peanut butter makes me breakout on my arm. Some breakouts can be caused from constipation. There are a few ways to avoid constipation. Here are a few ways to avoid constipation. 1-if you are in a "starch phase" make sure that you are not eating refined starches that have had the fiber removed (white rice, pasta, biscuits). 2--also when eating starches you want the meal to have enough oil in it (olive or coconut oil is probably safe).

The more oil in the meal the less chance of constipation. 3--if you are in a "acid fruit phase" then the high water content (the pulp of the orange) and the fiber in the pears and apple should keep things moving and rinsed out.

Almonds can cause constipation if not eaten with enough oil and lettuce and carrots and veggies. It is very important to chew sharp foods very very well. Please read and re read this a few times and memorize it.

I have been sliced on the insides from not chewing almonds up good. Think about it, if you slice your insides up and you start bleeding, and then your shish goes into your bloodstream then that is not good. Just think when you cut your finger, would you put shish on it.

No you would probably clean it and put a band aid on it. Well if you forget to chew up almonds or other nuts, and you accidentally slice your insides, it is not possible to put a band-aide on it. Avoid this at all cost.

Chew your food extremely well. Too much oil will cause the opposite of constipation. However too much oil might slow you down. Think of oil as a slow burning fuel. You want the right ratio of carbohydrates to fats depending on what you are planning on doing the next few hours, and also depending on the type of carbohydrates.

Sugars from fruits are not the same in all fruits. Also starches are way different than sugars from any source. Sugars and starches do not digest well in the same "stomach batch" 

Click on the link below for a food combining chart

Food Combining Chart

This is the food combining chart that I use. Print this out and tape it to your refrigerator and give it to anyone that wants to feel better. 

This chart has changed my life so much and is one of the major factors in overall health. This is the first step to my program, along with eliminating bad toxic foods and replacing them with good ones

I fixed my skin only 3 years ago and it was by changing the foods that I eat. There are plenty of things to drink besides sodas fresh raw orange juice is awesome and is way different from the stuff you buy in the bottle in the grocery store. 

Anything in a bottle has been pasteurized and is way different from the raw living juice that comes from a ripe juicy organic raw orange from the tree. Trust me on this one. The difference is crazy.

By the way these are the some of the tactics that I have used to fix my skin without any drugs. The only prescription drugs I have ever had in my life was only twice over 15 years ago.

I had one tetanus shot in my life when I stepped on a rusty nail and once I took part of a prescription of antibiotics when I was 16 because of a cold that would not go away. (That was before I knew how to get rid and prevent colds with vitamin c). 

I am 31 years old and had acne until I changed my diet 3 years ago. This is fact. 

I can make myself breakout on demand just to prove it but unless you were to pay me a lot of money I wont do it. If I eat certain foods it will give me a cyst like bump on my face that can take over 2 months to go away after I quit eating that food. Before I knew which foods were causing me to break out, I had bumps that just stayed there.

I kept eating the toxins that leaving my body through that "pathway". Your body is a marvelous creation. 

When you think about all of the processes your body does automatically without you even knowing it, it can blow your mind. 

You are an amazing product of this God-force known as nature and the universe. Uni-verse means "one song". You are as just as important to the universe as each one of your blood cells are as important to you. If your cells don't do and reproduce in a healthy fashion, then you will get sick.

That is the same concept that explains the reason that the earth as a whole is in a declining state of health. 

Thee way to heal the earth is to heal the people first so that they want to heal the earth. When people are in pain they sometimes just want to die, I have been there. How much pain can one person take before their spirit dies. Bodily pain, mental pain, these are inter-related and can be the result from each other just as much as the foods, air and water we intake can effect us. 

Genetic ancestry will have an influence which foods are ideal for your body to thrive at its peak

I think sesame oil makes me breakout on my forehead. You see god is trying to give us a visual sign to let us know if we are eating the right roods for our genetics. 

Trains planes and automobiles has mixed up the food supply and our genetics have not had time to evolve to these "foreign foods" not adapted to all of this selection. 

So you see the only way to find the exact foods you are evolved to eat is by trial and error. The location on this earth that your great great great great great grandparents lived and migrated from is going to be a factor in which foods will agree with you 100%.

Also one thing I would like to mention here is that we as humans are not designed to be taking all of these pharmaceuticals. They are pumping most school kids full of Ritalin and Prozac and all kinds of shish. This is not good. Why are we so dependent on all of these chemicals and how has this been accepted by parents.

Is it something missing or something added to our food that is making us so unable to live and learn naturally from the foods god has provided for us.

All of the other life forms on the planet are all eating raw foods and not taking any drugs unless humans pump them full of them. Actually now that I think of it my friend gave me a Ritalin he had a prescription to and it made me break out on my but cheek. 

Remember acne is just toxins from foods of any intake of chemical, even absorbing motor oil into your skin will force your body to rid itself from that toxin, that our body perceives as a toxin and it is trying to eliminate that toxin through the skin and it gets stuck on the way out. If you have acne you are not a bad person and you don't have bad genetics. You are just eating less than ideal foods and combinations of foods and your body in its infinite wisdom is just letting you know. 

When you think about it if you have acne you might even have super genetics. I know you are like what, but us people that are prone to acne might just have such a strong genetic ability to survive and thrive on this planet that our body just takes the easiest and quickest, least damaging, path of least resistance, and in doing so it just sends toxins strait out the skin instead of storing them in the body where they might could cause damage to organs.

Right now you have a choice, you can find the value in my words, follow up with continuous ongoing research, keep a food journal, use the food combining charts, start an "elimination rotation diet" where you find which foods you thrive on that enables your body to heal up by replenishing the raw living nutrients your body needs to rebuild by going through phases of uploading efficiently digested nutrients, and eliminating all of the toxic unnatural chemicals foods so common in today's American diet, and put your body into healing mode, or you can say this sounds like nonsense and follow the crowd. The path to heaven on earth is strait and narrow. 

I am here to tell you that it is worth it to find out. I don't have all the answers and I don't claim to. Anyone that does claim to is full of it. On thing I do know is what has happened to me and I know how I have regained my health. I did it by studying successful people that regained their health. This way is being presented to you now. You are encouraged to read successful stories from many sources. The sooner you study success the sooner you will success.

In the video below they do admit that the medicines don't work all the way, and absolutely do not even mention that the foods we eat are what is causing us to break out, but the girl on the Atkins diet said that she thinks her diet is the cause. 

Trust me diet is a major factor in the cause of acne in my personal experience. It is the major reason we get acne.

Remember, as I stated earlier, I can produce acne symptoms within 3 days if I eat the wrong foods. I have done this just to make sure over 100 times. Even some natural foods will make me break out.

You have to remember that some foods are poisonous, and just because a food doesn't kill you doesn't mean that it is the best fuel for your body to burn for energy.

Your body can take a licking and keep on ticking, but it is worth it to try and help your body by not eating foods that are not "getting along" with your body.

They admit the "acne medications" don't work on mainstream TV


The Digestive Chemistry Diet reveals the truth about the root cause of most minor health problems so common today.

Now don't be fooled by your false beliefs and think that this is just too many things to fix by your diet, and that it must be hype. 

It is not hype!  It is real life truth! I have done it!  Everything I listed above, I have personally healed on myself by my diet. It is real!  I would not lie to you, and I am here to reveal the truth to you about how to heal your body from all sorts of health issues.

This diet puts your body into healing mode.


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