Health Diet Food

"What would you say if I were to tell you Did you know that "Health Diet Food" does not have to taste bad, and that a healthy diet is really easy, but almost impossible to design unless you know the science of digestive chemistry."

                                                           Teddy G.  NASM Certified Personal Trainerquick-weight-loss

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Digestive chemistry was never taught to us in middle school like it should have been, but if I were president, it would be mandatory.

It would change the health of the entire country for the better so our future generations would not have to suffer the way that we have with all of these minor and major health problems.                  

Hello, my name is Teddy G. and I am here to let you know that I have found a way to make health diet food taste almost as good as the junk that I used to be addicted to.

The picture to the left is me. 

This is shape that I am in right now as of 2008. I'm 32 years old. I eat as much food whenever I want. I just don't gain weight. 

It's all about the way that I eat certain food combinations, and I avoid the types of foods that glue down my digestive tract, and make me feel like crap.

I'm in way better shape than I was ten years ago. I know that the way  I eat, will enable me to never become overweight. even if I stuff myself at every meal.

Health Diet Food

Six years ago I found away of eating that enabled me to lose about 20 pounds in only 1 month.  I'm talking about the last 20 pounds. It was't by starving either. It was because I Found a way to make health diet food taste good, so it was easy to eat the types of foods that keeps me in shape.

Remember this was six years ago and I have been improving these methods ever since.

I didn't know how powerful these methods were until a couple of years ago this girl decided she would try my way of eating  I was so excited about.  She followed only about half of my advice and she lost 60 pounds of weight within only 20 weeks.  

I would pay $1 million if I could go back to kindergarten and learn how to eat this way.  This diet isn't just about quick weight loss.  This way of eating has made me lose weight down to my ideal body weight, fixed my acne, has gotten rid of itchy feet, headaches, and I have way more energy, i feel so much better than i have in my whole life. 

I first started experimenting with " Health Diet Food " when I was about 21 years old.  This is when I started to gain weight and developed Acne.  I didn't know that my Acne had anything to do with the foods that I was eating back then. But now I know that it is what had caused my acne


The "low carb diet foods" are not Health Diet Foods

The first diet that I tried was the low carb diet. It seemed to work at first but then I started to get really low-energy and sometimes even dizzy. No matter how much we feel addicted to cooked  meat, eating tons of it does not satisfy our bodies nutrient needs.

 My grandmother had cancer and so I started studying what is the optimal human diet. I read that people can reverse cancer by changing their diet, so I read tons of stuff, trying to figure  out how to save her. It was too late for her but I found how to get super healthy myself, so all the reading was still definately worth it.

I want to Share this valuable information with the world.

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