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I have been 97% strict vegan vegetarian for over 3 years strait. I keep my muscle. Look at my pictures. I got down to 139 pounds, and now I weigh 165 pounds. I gained back the weight from 100% plant foods.

I am the real deal vegan. My body weight has been steady after the initial weight loss. I don’t even take vitamin B-12 like they say you have to if you are vegan.

I think the "powers" that take your money constantly, should do a real study. I think being a vegan makes you nicer. In nature, carnivorous animals are mean killers. Its just nature taking its course.

Evil people will eventually self-destruct with their hatred towards each other. Most vegans respect animals, and humans are animals. Deep in your heart you know being a peaceful vegan is the way to go.

Don’t believe the hype. You do not have to eat animals!!

Look at me. I am pure muscle!! And I only eat plants!!!!

Raw carrot juice is powerful stuff. Also I do not get sick like everyone else this season. I think the flu virus only eats rotting meat. Since that rotting flesh is not in me, the "flu" has nothing it can do to me.

My prediction is that one day a lot of non-vegans will die from a crazy virus that feeds on dead animal flesh, that is stuck in people’s bodies because of all the cheese that they eat.

If you eat foods that rot, you will be rotten!!!

I promise you, it is worth it to study what makes you feel physically good long term.

I have lost every pain in my physical body by eliminating foods that make me sick.

It is worth it for you to find the foods that make you feel awesome.

Raw organic orange juice is crazy awesome and is way better than tang or soda. Most people have probably never even tasted raw organic orange juice. I am so lucky to not be addicted to artificial junk fake foods that most people eat daily.

I used to eat that crap and I was not feeling well. Animal foods are for carnivores. Humans are not carnivores!!!

People eat meat like people used to smoke cigarettes. My prediction is that eventually there will be a mandatory warning on animal foods. This will be in the very far future, but I think you will see that I am right in my predictions.

Someone once called me a profit. I don't know, but we will see. Stay positive and seek truth. Peace to the nations. We are all one.

It’s time for peace and sustainability through truth education and living proof. Peace be with you. Seek and you shall find.

Keep your face toward the sun, and all of life’s shadows will fall behind you.


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