Lose Weight Fast Without exercise by eating a lot of real food, while also reversing many other minor health problems by going on this healing diet.

"Would you ever believe that there is a way to lose weight fast without exercise, while still eating a lot of food. I wouldn't have believed it either, but I witnessed it happen

This girl that I taught these methods to lost 60 pounds in 20 weeks on this diet, without exercise or supplements.

I have been on this diet for the last 6 years and have never felt healthier in my entire life. All my digestive problems and other minor health issues have disappeared as a result of this new way of eating. 

It has really changed my life. I wish I would have known about this in kindergarten. All those years of suffering and now I am finally pain and symptom free, This diet makes you feel awesome!!!"                 

                                                         Teddy G.   NASM Certified Personal Trainer

lose weight fast

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Lose weight fast the easy way.

I am here to let you know that I have found a way to lose weight fast without starving or taking drugs, or even exercising.

I'm in better shape now than I have ever been as a result from being on  "THE DIGESTIVE CHEMISTRY DIET"

You see, I used to have acne and started studying how to fix it. I finally found a way of eating that is based on separating our foods so they digest better.

I kept researching natural healing methods, and reading success stories of people who had reversed major diseases, I figured I would try what they were doing to try and fix my skin. So I went on this healing diet that I had been studying. 

They kept saying that all health problems were caused by not being on this diet, because this diet is really the optimal human diet, and that anything less or other than, leads to disease.

You wouldn't try to put diesel into a car that only runs on gas would you? Well this is what we are doing unconsciously when we eat anything other than what we are designed to live on.

The typical American diet is killing us 

The typical American diet is killing us slowly and causing all sorts of health problems. 

Our symptoms, whether weight gain, acne, headaches, athletes foot, gas pains, constipation, heartburn, or whatever it may be, is caused from eating the wrong types of foods, in the wrong combinations.

Until I wanted to fix my acne and lose that last 10 pounds of fat, I used to eat what everybody else eats too. 

Now that I know what caused all of these health problems on me, and now that I have fixed them with my diet, I now also know how to prevent these symptoms from coming back. 

I have fixed every pain in my body as a result from my diet. I am so thankful that God has shown me the way.

Then I learned about Raw Food Nutrients. All Animals on the planet are eating foods that are 100% not cooked. 

I started drinking lots of raw carrot juice and Raw orange juice. I found that if I didn't eat starches at the same time with the raw juices, that my stomach would feel fine, but if I ate them together, that my stomach would burn. 

This new diet I was on made me lose weight fast (20 pounds in about a month, down to my ideal weight) and my skin started healing and not breaking out anymore. 

I also found that certain foods  and food additives were causing me to break out with acne.

I kept on studying digestive chemistry, and keeping a journal of the foods that I would eat, and which combinations of food digested well without giving me gas pains or zapping my energy, or heartburn.

I used to get heartburn a lot, but when I went on this diet, it fixed it in 3 days.  What a relief!!! 

Even today, if I go off of this diet, it comes right back. Heartburn, (or acid reflux disease) is caused from eating foods that do not digest well together, and or eating the wrong types of foods to start with.

Cooked or canned tomatoes always burns my stomach, and usually gives me acne, but RAW tomatoes (as long as they are not rotten already) doesn't cause any problems if eaten with digestively compatible types of foods.

Remember, it was six years ago when I first went on this type of diet that caused me to lose weight fast, reversed my acne, heartburn, gas, digestive problems, itchy skin, athletes foot, headaches, constipation, low energy, and more, (I know this is unbelievable, but this is true, and it happened to me)

.........and I have been improving these methods ever since, and now I have written a book called "The Digestive Chemistry Diet" that explains exactly how to do it.

I didn't know how effective these methods were for losing lots of weight, until a couple of years ago girl decided she would try my diet that I was so excited about.  

She only followed about half of my advice and she lost 60 pounds of weight within only 20 weeks, without exercise or starving.  I couldn't believe it.

 She went on to lose 80 pounds.

............Any way, to find out more about this healing diet that enables you to get healthy, reverse acne, heartburn, all sorts of other minor health issues, and lose weight fast if you are overweight, then click on the link below.

Get healthy, symptom free, and Lose Weight Fast on The Digestive Chemistry Diet


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