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Some of the advice in these pages and charts may not necessarily be the "absolute absolute" best advice, but it is a major point in the right direction, which can be "very very" valuable information.

Example: if you were driving to California and there was a fork in the road, which right around the corner the roads were permanently headed in opposite directions, how much wasted time and gas and money and energy and stress is it going to spend if you start down the wrong road????????

The first decision you must make on any journey you might attempt in life is -----which way is the best route to take? Also, when is the best time to turn around if you are going to turn around?

Now is the time to turn your health around and put your body in "healing mode"

Make your transition slowly so it will be a pleasurable experience. If you detox too fast there will be detoxification symptoms!!

Make food tasty at first or you won't stick to your healthy new diet way of life! This may sound tricky but with practice, (like anything) this becomes as natural as breathing in and breathing out.

eliminate these foods first--don't worry there are plenty of foods in this world, you just haven't met them yet--eliminate:

Refined sugar, flour, cheese, cereals, bread, pasta, sodas, mayonnaise, cold cuts, hot dogs, chili dogs, corn dogs, "pigs in a blanket", biscuits, pizza, fast food, candy, peanut butter, peanut butter cups, cup cakes chocolate bars, soybean oil, table salt, Crisco, deep fried foods, potato chips, eggs corn chips, wheat products, milk, dairy, .

If you are used to eating lots of sugar you can eat dates during the transition phase instead. Fresh raw lemon/lime aide made with spring water and raw honey (some people might have be allergic of have a slight allergy to bee products.

If you get sneezy after eating honey then don't eat it for a while and see if you get sneezy next time you eat it.), will help if you are used to drinking sodas.

You should try to gradually decrease your sugar intake (honey too) to zero for a period of time to stop feeding yeast, and other simple life forms in your body that feed on sugar. Sugar feeds infections. Sugar feeds athletes foot.

Part of the addiction to sodas is the caffeine in them. You can get your caffeine fix by taking a capsule of guarana (from gnc). In the morning or at lunch.

If you take it too late in the day though you might be up all night--use in moderation--also it takes about a full hour to feel the full effects because it dissolves in water slowly because of the "caffeine like substance" it naturally contains is kind of like a waxy substance that doesn't instantly dissolve.

Guarana is just as safe as coffee and it doesn't make big red bumps on the back of my neck like coffee does. Also too much coffee has made me sick to my stomach before.

Food combining principles chart ---(this is a very, very, crucial part of detoxification and digestion of food in general—very effective at solving digestive problems), this help to enable your body to digest the food it eats in a timely manner before it rots.

Dead animals start to rot very quickly in 90-degree weather, the inside of your body is 90 degree weather. This is why if you eat dead animals as your food source, the stuff that comes out might sometimes resemble the smell of a rotting animal.

Humans do not have a short digestive track like carnivores do, so by the time the dead animals you eat reaches the other end, they are rotten.

You can avoid this by not eating foods that rot fast and also eating combinations of foods that digest quickly and/or efficiently. Most people have never even heard of this. Most of the people I know don't understand this concept. (Or want to understand)

But, just because someone might not understand something doesn't mean it doesn't actually happen. Do you understand how to make nuclear power? Well it happens regardless of your comprehension level.

Alkalizing foods chart--- (eat 80% of foods from alkaline side of chart-also tomatoes and fruit juices of all types turn acidic when bottled (pasteurized) a lot of foods turn acidic when cooked.

When they are fresh, ripe and raw, citrus and other acid fruits actually result in an alkalizing effect on the ph of the body. The goal is to normalize the ph of the body to an alkaline state.

Raw food nutrients ---(fresh, raw, vegetable and fruit juices) especially carrots.

Reduce all animal products (this should be done over time) ---there are many raw food vegetarians that never eat animal products.

Organic foods (some organic foods taste way better—especially oranges) plus they don’t use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Stop cooking all foods that can be eaten raw. Then, don’t eat foods that require cooking. (Rice, potatoes, beans). This should be done temporarily and periodically for as long as you feel good and are in good health.

You should keep a food and health journal and constantly analyze the foods you eat and the way they effect your energy levels and mood. You should alternate "periods of cleansing the body", with "periods of building the body".

During building phases you might want to re-introduce some cooked starches, lentils, or greens.

Remember: no one person knows all the answers about optimal nutrition, (at least the books I have read), because there is so much conflicting information and mis-information and dis-information, and it is hard to find the truth.Keep a food and health journal. This is very important! Thoroughly describe any and all bodily discomforts. This journal will be priceless in determining which foods and combinations of foods make you feel energized and satisfied.

The ultimate goal is to become a “raw food vegetarian” (at least temporarily and periodically) to totally rid the body of all toxic matter. This may take years to accomplish, but at least you will be on the right path.

Read the “Essene Gospel of Peace”. This is Jesus teaching how to avoid all diseases. This document was found in a cave about 80 years ago close to the Dead Sea.

Jesus’ disciples hid them there because the roman government was destroying libraries of sacred text. It makes you wonder how many more of Jesus’ teachings are probably lost forever. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE- I THINK THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY REVIEWED BY THE MAINSTREAM CHURH IF THEY REALLY WANT TO HELP THE MEMBERS TO AVOID SICKNESS.


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