Finally, a diet that focuses on digestive chemistry which lets you lose weight without exercise

Teddy’s Tips for consistent weight loss without exercise, as quick and fast as possible – Introduction and overview 

"In this article series, I will reveal to you some of the methods that I used to help a girl to lose 60 pounds in only 20 weeks without exercise." 

                                            Teddy G.  NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The results from being on the digestive chemistry diet

You might be skeptical of if that last sentence is true, but I promise you that it is true. She really did lose that much.

Starvation, exercise, diet pills? You might be thinking? None of these things. I explained to her that the reason she had gained so much weight was because she was simply eating the wrong foods on a regular basis. 

You see, I have been studying health for a long time now, and I have found that many health problems, including being overweight, is caused from eating the improper diet. 

If you want to lose weight fast, and as easy as possible, then start out by following these weight loss tips I will be presenting. You will start to not only lose weight, but you will also feel better in your overall health as well.

In this series of articles you will learn how you can change your diet, so that the fat on your body will easily come off without strenuous exercise, and it is possible to lose most of the excess fat on your body without any exercise what so ever.

It’s not that exercise is not good for you, it’s just that it is not a requirement to lose weight. However, if you did incorporate a little physical activity into your week, you will have even quicker results. 

If you are heavily overweight, I recommend losing the majority of your excess fat first, because exercise is slightly damaging, so you need to be on the proper diet that will put you into healing mode, before you start an exercise program. 

You can really wear yourself out quick if you go about an exercise program in the wrong way.

I will reveal to you the way that I helped my friend to lose 80 pounds of weight. (She lost the first 60 pounds in 20 weeks).

If she can do it, then you can do it. If you follow the same steps as she did, then you should see similar results. Just about anything that anyone else has ever done, you can do the same thing, if you follow the steps as they did. 

Learn from other people’s mistakes, and don’t try and reinvent the wheel. (Unless you have a lot of time on your hands).

Some of the things that I will be gong over in this article series that you will need to do to lose weight without exercise are:

1. Alkalize your body by eating more alkaline forming foods, and cutting back on foods that make you acidic.
2. Cut down or eliminate refined foods, and other foods that clog you down.
3. Start combining your foods into digestively compatible food combinations.
4. Get natural sunlight on your skin periodically.
5. Hydrate your body with pure water.
6. Detoxify your body and fat cells.
7. Oxygenate your body with deep breathing, or light exercise.
8. Eat more fiber from good sources like raw carrots, lettuces, and other neutral vegetables. (Note: not all fiber is not created equal)
9. Include healthier types of oils like extra virgin olive oil into your diet.
10. Gradually shrink you stomach.
11. Keep a detailed food journal. Notice the way that what you eat affects your health, weight, and moods.
12. Realize the difference between true hunger, if you are just thirsty, if you are just bored and are eating for entertainment purposes, or eating just because someone wants you to (peer pressure) at a social gathering.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the list above, as it is not as big of a list as it seems like at first, and I will go into detail about how to go about each step. 

The steps are not meant to be done in order, but to gradually do all of them at the same time, but at your own pace. 

If you want to achieve your results as fast as possible, You will want to spend as much time as you can learning how to, and implementing the steps I have outlined above. Just like anything in life, you have to develop a deep desire to accomplish your goals. 

Don’t focus on the things you will have to go through to reach your goal, focus more on the benefits you will enjoy once you are successful. Your life is what you focus on.

So look for the rest of my articles where I will go into detail about each of the steps above.


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Copyright 2008

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