Are you frustrated that all of the conflicting opinions about how to lose weight?  Are you tired of watching ads disguised as news for all these weight loss supplements? 

Everywhere! TV, in the papers, on YouTube, and just about everywhere you turn!  you just can"t escape it. And they always have these so-called “experts” with their little tidbits of opinion. And they always contradict each other.

"There is a way to lose 60 pounds in less than 20 weeks, without exercising, taking pills, or starving.  If they were to tell you how to lose weight the easy way, the entire Weight Loss Industry could collapse."

                                                ---Teddy G.  NASM certified personal trainer

Understand that these marketers are very clever when it comes to tricking you into buying their product.    It seems like there is a new weight loss product coming out a most every week.  When I watch this stuff, it actually makes me mad  because I now know  how to  lose a lot of weight and keep it off the easy way, and it is nothing they ever tell you!

I just watched a clip of a news broadcast that was “name dropping” some kind of detox weight loss supplement.  They had two people on their show that had lost a little bit of weight by using the supplement.  

One girl lost four pounds in five days and thought that was amazing.  This other guy lost 16 pounds in a week and he was happy that he did it.

These "news shows" never have any long-term info.  I think there should be a law that says that they can’t put that crap on the news until  they  put  it  to  the  test  over  the  long  haul. 

They’re just wasting our time with their short-term theories and predictions. It’s just a bunch a short-term hype ,it just adds to the confusion, and floods the supplement companies bank accounts.

They had this so-called “expert” or “physician” on there that was trying to say that detoxification does not help a normal person.  Now my common sense tells me, along with my experience, that detoxification of the body is very important for weight loss and overall health.

"It amazes me that there are people who are in the “doctor business” that could really believe that detoxification is not important for our health."       

                                 ---Teddy G.  NASM certified personal trainer

Maybe these self proclaimed “experts” really aren’t "experts" and/or just plain full of it!

A lot of these detoxification supplements are just diuretics and laxatives.  Detoxification is important, but taking these magic little potions aren’t the way to properly do it. 

They will seem like they work because they do make you lose weight, but all the weight you’re losing is just food that is in your digestive tract, and water weight. 

The kind of weight that you want to lose, its actual fat weight, and once you start losing actual fat weight, that will put you on your way to permanent weight loss.

It is very easy to lose a little bit of weight in a week.  A person that is not overweight has at least 20 pounds of food in their digestive tract.  Also another 10 pounds worth of fluid retention that keeps the body hydrated.   

Losing weight by starving and dehydrating your body will never lead to permanent weight loss.

This is because your body will quickly try to rebalance itself and will start craving more food, water, and the electrolytes that make you gain the weight back soon.  After about a week your body will start feeling bad and you will feel bad until it gets what it needs.

  So by just cutting back on the amount of food that you eat, will enable you to easily lose fifteen pounds in a short period of time.  By taking diuretics you can easily lose 10 pounds in a very short period of time by dehydrating your body. But this is not the way to go!

Yes some people do lose permanent weight by doing this but it is very hard it takes a lot of willpower, and they feel miserable the whole time.   

The weight loss industry is making money by you being overweight and buying their supplements. We are their yo-yo on a string wrapped around their finger. 

These supplements don't really help that much.

They know that if you knew how to really lose permanent weight that you would no longer need their products, so that is not in their best interest. 

They make money on the confusion, and there is so much mis-information out there, that some of the people selling these supplements really believe that that is the best way to lose weight. 

  These salespeople are brainwashed just like the rest of us.

There is so much information out their on weight loss, that you really don’t know which information is the right information.  

"I will tell you right now that if you ever start studying weight loss, anything you read, you will easily find somebody saying the exact opposite."

                                                    --Teddy G.  NASM certified personal trainer

 So the only way for you to find out the truth, is either by trial and error, which can take years, or find somebody that really knows the truth, and then put your faith into them, and then put it into action.  

This is where I come into the picture.

I have been studying this subject, and also studying the subject of the optimal human diet, for at least six years now. I have found a way to naturally, quickly, easily, and without drugs, lose a lot of weight (EVEN 80 OR MORE POUNDS OF FAT) in a short period of time, and it doesn’t even require exercise.

I wouldn’t have believed it either  but  I saw it with my own eyes! I watched this girl lose 60 lbs. in 20 weeks with absolutely no exercise, and she was also eating as much food as she wanted to!!! (she eventually lost a total of 80 pounds in less than a year).  

She said that she had always wanted to lose weight but never knew how. She said it was easy once I explained to her how to do it.

I gave her a copy of a paper that I had been working on and I talked to her on the phone a lot.  

I taught her how to do this diet program that I had discovered that enabled me to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, acne, and digestive problems.

I explained to her about all of the information that I had read .  This doctor claimed that these methods could reverse just about any health condition as long as the health problem did not progress pass the point of no return. 

At that point, I did not know that it could also make you lose a lot of weight too, that is until I saw it happen.

I was building a house in a nearby city from where she worked.  I met her in the hardware store.  We started talking and I told her about the house that I was building and said to stop buy if she was ever in the area.

 She stopped by one day and we started talking. Every couple weeks she would come and visit for a little while to see the progress on the house.

Somehow we started talking about how I keep my energy levels up to do this type of hard physical labor.  (When I say I was “building a house” I was actually doing the construction labor on the house.) 

  So I started explaining the way that I used to have low energy, and gave her a brief history of how I got into studying the topic of health. 

I explained that:

Building the house just zapped me. Back then I was drinking a lot of sodas, eating a lot of food, reading all bodybuilding magazines and eating what they said to, taking supplements, eating the protein powders, the energy drinks, eating all the things they told me to, but my energy levels were still going downhill fast. 

Then I started studying natural health tactics on the Internet to get a different point of view and a second opinion.  With all of the ads in the bodybuilding magazines for all these supplements, it started to make me wonder.

I started studying how to obtain “peak sustained energy levels” from Internet sources.  I started scanning through all the forums, it was almost like everybody was in complete disagreement with their opinion of how we should be eating. 

I started studying the optimal human diet. I started experimenting with these so-called alternative methods.  Then I started trial and error on myself, seeing what were in what didn’t, and keeping records of all of it.

Then she asked me more about how the whole thing works.

I started explaining how certain foods in the right proportions enables your body to rev up its metabolism, because it has the proper fuel proportions eaten in a way that efficiently digests. 

  I also explained that not all foods are created equal.  Some foods give your body energy and some zap it.  I also explain how some people have minor allergic reactions to certain foods that keeps your body and immune system taxed.

The next time she came to visit she asked me to go into more detail on what I was doing to get so much energy.  I gave her a few pieces of paper and talk to her on the phone for a few hours a week.  She decided to give it a try, and started to feel better within a week.  Soon after that she started losing weight.

Every time I would see her she was skinnier and skinnier and skinnier.  So I asked her exactly what she was doing.  She told me that she was following the papers that I gave her.  So I asked her more specific questions about the exact foods she was eating. 

I asked her what she had for breakfast, what she had for lunch, what she had for dinner.  I asked her if she was eating snacks and between meals.  I asked her if she felt good.  I was really trying to ”pick her brain”.

I asked her if she felt better than she did the week before.  Every time I would ask her that question, she would always say that she is feeling better and better.  

She always felt better than the week before.  She said she had more energy.  She also said that she was not having as many seizures as she used to have.

She went to the doctor and told him about her diet.  He said, well as long as you feel good keep doing it.  And that’s all he basically said. 

  I would have thought that the doctor would have been really interested and try to figure out what she was doing to get such amazing results, but I don’t think he was that interested. He didn’t ask her hardly any questions about it.

To make a long story short.  Twenty weeks later, when she came to visit again, she looked like a totally different person.  She was telling me how she had to by all new clothes.  She had been overweight her whole life.

About a month after her dramatic weight loss, she met a guy at a place she was volunteering at, and within a month they got married.  


Anyway, to I have the magic formula for losing weight without exercise.  I wouldn’t have believed it either except I saw it with my own eyes.  I wrote down the details of how she did it.  It is just a different way of eating that gave her body what she needed, put her body into healing mode, so she could lose the weight. 

One of the main reasons people gain weight (and very few people have even heard of this reason), is because of toxins that are stored in the fat cells.  Your body does this so as to keep your organs safe from these toxins and acids. 

When I gave her the formula that I used to fix my health problems, it also fixed her health problem.

People’s bodies are not all exactly the same, and each persons body will adapt to toxins and acute malnutrition in its own unique way. 

  My body adapted to the stresses placed upon it by developing acne, chronic fatigue, headaches  and digestive problems.  On her, it made her gain a lot of weight.

If a chain has a weak link it will break on that weak link.  But the process of building a strong chain with no weak links is the same.

And I have that magic formula for detoxing our bodies and rebuilding them strong, so they can resist disease and health problems. 

  The key is, is to start rebuilding your immune system before something major messes up.

If everyone in the country knew about this valuable information, we would all feel better, have less health problems, less sickness, less time away from work for sick days, less stress worrying about developing a health problem in the future, and less dependent on the buffet of pharmaceuticals being shoved down our throat by “the industry”. 

If everyone in the country knew how to do this, it would empower them to take control of their own health, and less reliant upon the so-called experts, that have a very poor track record as far as producing results.  It would save them unknown as amounts of time and money over the long term. 

If you add up all the cost in time and money when we have health problems, you will quickly see that it is insane not to figure out the root cause and prevent health problems before they even start. 

And if we do already have health problems, the sooner we fix the root cause, the better, because sometimes there can be a point of no return. 

It’s kind of like throwing pebbles at a large glass window.  It might be the ninth rock we throw at it breaks the window, but it was all the other pebbles that hit it, that weakened it to the point that when that last rock hit, it shattered.  It was not the last rock alone that broke it! 

But nevertheless once it is shattered, it is impossible to put back together and ever be the same.

You have to take responsibility of your own health now, because no one is going to do it for you.  And most doctors are educated in a bunch of BS.  

The medical schools that they attend are partially funded by the pharmaceutical industries. They are kind of like lobbyists. They have a say in what is taught and what is not. 

Cigarette companies know that cigarettes for bad for your health, but they just keep on making them, and marketing them.  They try to cover-up any evidence that they can on the real effect of how bad they are to our bodies.

Cigarette companies are not the only corrupt companies in this world! The food and drug industries go hand in hand. 

The people that run these companies have to watch their bottom-line.  Not all people are 100 percent honest, and they have a choice whether to disclose the whole truth or shade it a bit, well they’ll shade it a bit.

Only you can take the actions that you need to do to reverse your health.  It is not your fault that you have health problems.  If you were like me, you were confused and didn’t know the way to get healthy before.  

We don’t always know who to trust nowadays.  But I promise you that I know the way to start dramatically improving your health today. 

And this way is by eating the proper foods, in the proper proportions, in the proper combinations, and cycling through various phases. 

When you apply the techniques of my program, your body will start to digest your foods better.  When your foods digest properly, your body can absorb more high-quality, totally digested nutrients, and will set the stage to rebuild your tissues and organs. 

When all of your bodies systems and components are functioning at near 100 percent, it can begin to build its immune system stronger and stronger.

Once our bodies are built a strong by proper nutrition, and once our immune systems are fully functioning, then and only then should we begin an exercise program.

If our bodies are not already in healing mode, then exercise will just wear us out even more.  

Whenever you exercise a muscle it breaks it down, and that’s what makes it build itself back stronger.  It does this with the nutrients that we absorb.  So it makes sense to get our digestive efficiency and capacity working properly before we do this.

I’m here to help, and show you the way to regain your health.  Now you need to take action. As soon as you receive your copy of the program, Print out all of the charts so you can refer to them while reading the book. 

Don’t try to change everything all at once.  You need to make the change gradually over at least two weeks.  Depending on your condition you might want to take it even slower and make the transition over to time period of three or four weeks. 

You will definitely notice a big difference in the way that you feel within two weeks or less.  

Keep your food intake volume up to help displace the rotting food that is stuck inside your body right now. If you try to change too fast will cause a “traffic jam” in your body, which will be very, very uncomfortable. (Trust me on this one!)

After this two to four weeks transition, you can then start experimenting and customizing your program to exactly what your body is craving.  

You’ll also want to keep a journal to record which food to eat and how you feel, and to track your progress.  This will be an invaluable resource down the road to fine-tune your program for your exact genetics.

When you look back over your notes you will be able to see patterns.  You will see that some days you’ll still way better than others.  This will enable you to do more of what makes you feel good, and less of what makes you feel bad.

Once you get into the advanced stages of program you might want to start discovering any hidden food allergies. I will give you a list of foods that many people are commonly sensitive to.  

With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to create your own list of foods to avoid.  Also the stronger your immune system gets, you might find that certain foods you were allergic to, your body can then tolerate without any symptoms.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page, and go ahead and get started on the program.  The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be enjoying the benefits of greatly improved overall health, weight loss, and you might just find that all those other aches and pains disappear also. 

You see, when you treat the body as a whole living organism and not just treat the symptoms with poisonous drugs, your body will become balanced, energized and pain-free.

You have nothing to lose, and much much to gain.  You will have a 57 full days Unconditional 100% Money back Guarantee, which will give you plenty of time to examine this program and put it into effect, and get a full refund if you are not getting results, for any reason whatsoever, no questions asked. Period.

If you’re not totally, 100% satisfied with the program, I will refund every penny of your money.  I’ve taken all the risk off of your shoulders and put them on mine.  

I know this program will work for you better than any other program out there, because I have done it. I know that if this program didn’t give you the results that I’m promising you, that you would return it.  

Then I wouldn’t be able to afford the advertising costs that I have to spend to reach the people that need this program.

The world needs this information and I’m going to deliver it to them.  In my opinion my program will be the new standard for future generations to follow if they want to stay healthy, happy, and vibrantly alive.  

The truth is, is that we don’t have to suffer with degenerative health problems until we get super old.  We just need to get back in alignment with nature, because we are a product of it.  When we follow its natural laws, we will be rewarded. 

For less than the price of a gym membership, for less than the price of dangerous surgeries, you can be on your way to rapid weight loss without the use of dangerous drugs, and without exercise!

I know this is unbelievable, but it is very real. I have seen it with my own eyes, and I would not lie to you. 

My program has taken me about 6 years to “work all of the bugs out of it”, and now you can “shortcut” strait to the end and enjoy an awesome quality of physical health, without all of the years of  “trial and error” that it took for me to develop this program, not even counting all of the hours and hours it took me to write and edit this book into an easy to understand step-by-step plan.

No fancy language or confusing ideas, just strait-forward, step-by-step things to do to dramatically improve your health.

You are probably going to be extremely mad once you realize that if you had this info as a child, you might have been able to live your life totally pain and symptom free. 

There is no way to time travel though, but it is never too late to start getting healthy.

A little prevention is worth a lot of cure. Do something right now that will change your life for the better, in the short term and for the long term. 

This program produces lasting change, and it produces rapid results. Guaranteed!











Copyright 2008

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Copyright 2008

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