Hollywood Magic Fitness

Hollywood Magic Fitness

Hollywood Magic Fitness is the name of my personal training business. I am a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in rapid weight loss. I help clients achieve rapid weight loss by systematically progressing a client through the Optimum Performance Training model designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Here at Hollywood Magic Fitness I am dedicated to helping you to reach your weight loss goals in the fastest way possible. A few years ago I helped a friend lose 60 pounds in 20 weeks.

Since then I became certified as a personal trainer in 2008 by NASM.

Hollywood Magic fitness serves the Hollywood and Beverly Hills area exclusively. I offer in home training, private gym training, and also train in parks in the surrounding areas.

I am a very flexible person, and will work with you and your schedule. I can probably train you at times other trainers would not even consider.

Hollywood Magic Fitness training rates vary, but the base rate is currently $60 per session. Sessions are typically 1 hour in duration. A portion of this time is allotted for ongoing fitness assessments, and speaking with you about achieving your goals, reviewing your current eating habits, and giving suggestions on exactly which modifications are needed at the current time to get you to your weight loss goals in the fastest way possible.

Typically, most clients need to train 3 times per week minimum. I have discounts available when purchasing 3 and 6 month training packages.

When training with me 3 times per week, and modifying your eating habits with my guidance, you can expect to lose 2-3 pounds per week. The more overweight you are, the more you can lose per week. If you are wanting to lose that last 10 pounds, you will typically lose less per week.

Whatever your weight loss goals are, I can help you like no other trainer can. I am not like the other trainers in the fact that my dietary methods are far superior to the very general guidelines that typical trainers are educated in.

I am the author of The Digestive Chemistry Diet, which has helped hundreds of people over the last 3 years to improve their health.

Just Google my name "Teddy Grandy" and you will see various articles I have written on health and nutrition. There might be a few "haters" on the internet that are sponsored by big businesses that have an agenda to discredit natural health methods, so just ignore them. I know my methods work, many other people do as well, and you will know as well once you retain my Personal Training Services.

Check out my website by clicking on the magic wand in the picture below, get to know me, and what I have to offer you as far as improving your health and fitness, or give me a call. If you are on this page, you probably already have my phone number, or know someone who does. I mainly obtain my clients by referrals, and will only work with you if I think I can help you.

For a free consultation to see if you qualify as a potential client, contact me and we will go over your options.

Hollywood Magic Fitness