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Ice cream can Cause Diarrhea 

Did you know that ice cream can cause diarrhea? Do you know why? At the end of this article, I will explain how to make healthy ice cream that will not cause diarrhea. 

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Ice cream contains a lot of sugar and fat, and it has very little if any fiber in it. When you eat ice cream, your body can perceive it as a toxic overload. 

Diarrhea is a reaction by your body. Diarrhea is what your body does when it wants to get rid of the contents of the foods that are in your digestive tract.

Your body decides that it would be better to expel the foods, than to try and digest them. 

Since Ice Cream has so much sugar and fat, then unless your body is in need of that amount of concentrated nutrients, then it will do away with the excess.

Also, it could be another ingredient in the ice cream that your body perceives as being toxic. Some ice creams contain artificial chemicals and flavors that con be slightly toxic to your body.

But anything that is in excess to the body can become toxic. If you were to eat a very oily meal, It can also cause diarrhea.

Another thing about ice cram is that it contains milk. Milk contains the type of sugars that many people do not digest properly, depending on your genetics. Many people do not do well with dairy products. 

Milk products are also a known cause of acne in acne prone people. If you get diarrhea after eating ice cream, then that is a sign that the ice cream is probably not the best thing for you to eat.

I know that it taste good, but if you get it out of your system, and don't eat it for a long enough time, you will forget how good it taste, and you will not miss it.

You can make home made ice cream that is made from frozen bananas and dates. It will taste kinda like ice cream, and it will be a lot healthier for you.

Simply take a frozen banana, and put it in the blender. Then add some water. Blend it up until it becomes a thick liquid. Then throw in some dried dates. Keep blending it, and add in a pinch of sea salt. 

Taste it frequently as you are making it. Once it taste good, you can then take some blueberries, or other pieces of fruit, and mix them in.

If you wish, you can then put it in the freezer for just a little while to thicken it back up. You could also blend in a few almonds as you are making it.

This type of meal will be way healthier for you because it does not contain any milk products or artificial chemicals.

Also, the sugars that are found in raw dates, are way different than the type of sugars that are in white sugar. 

The over consumption of white sugar is linked to many health problems including diabetes. 



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