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Who else wants to  discover the little known dietary secrets of how myself and others were able to...

  • Lose weight without exercise (one woman lost 60 pounds in 20 weeks, without exercise, on this plan)

  • Get rid of acne by changing your diet and without medications

  • Fix acid reflux and heartburn in as little as 3 days

  • Get rid of Chronic constipation and prevent Bowel Impaction

  • Stop chronic diarrhea

  • Improve your moods and overall sense of well being

  • Stop feeling like $h!T

  • Avoid headaches

  • Stop gas production by 90%

  • Stop having stomach pains

  • Reverse chronic fatigue

  • Get rid of itchy skin, athletes foot, and yeast overgrowth

  • Uncover hidden food allergies

  • Boost your energy and alertness

  • Avoid future sickness

....without the use of any drugs or medications.

I simply ask you for a donation before or after this info helps you. PLEASE COME BACK HERE AND DONATE HOWEVER MUCH IT HELPS YOU AT THE BUTTON BELOW. (with Pay-Pal ...refundable if not satisfied) I could easily charge $49 for this e-book... I am just making this book that I personally wrote available to even the people that can not afford it, but if you can afford it, please help me out as much as you can.... as I have spent years on this... and you can easily see how priceless this "Know How" really is... Read on and I will explain......


The Digestive Chemistry Diet reveals the truth about many of the root causes of most minor health problems so common today. 

This diet puts your body into healing mode, and is effective at all of the conditions listed above, and I have also reversed all of them on myself, and I can show you how.

Just imagine for just a minute all the ways in which your life will be better when you follow the exact steps that it takes to get your body functioning optimally.

  Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine reveals how to lose weight without exercise, and reverse acne with proper diet alone.

Hello, my name is Teddy Grandy.

If you really want what others have attained, you will need to take similar steps as they did. 

You will greatly benefit by reading this down to earth book that I have written, and right now I am giving it away for free to everyone. Hope to hear from you soon.




One woman even lost 60 pounds in the first 20 weeks, without exercise, drugs, or supplements, on The Digestive Chemistry Diet.

Why should you listen to me you might ask?

Here are Five Reasons.

 I have already read and tried tons of diets, and I have only found parts of some of them, that are actually effective.

I have never read a book that was complete enough to get rid of my acne, and also lose almost all the fat on my body, until I wrote this book, which integrates the effective parts of all the stuff I have read that actually works. And I know that it works, because I have used it to heal my body and get in shape.  

....And actually, it is not as hard as you might think. And you don't have to do it forever, but you just might find that you like it, and enjoy the feeling of renewed health.

One woman even lost 60 pounds in 20 weeks without exercise on this plan. 

I even cured my acne with it, and that is what I originally designed it for. It just so happened that every other health issue I had disappeared along the way.

   I have actually healed my body back to near perfect health with my diet, and I have put in thousands of hours reading and thinking about this stuff. And I have the results to show for it. And it doesn't require buying a bunch of expensive "miracle supplements". 

   I am a certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports medicine, and I am dedicating my life to helping people get in shape, and heal their bodies by eating the proper foods. By the way, my book is not about exercise, it is about diet. 

If you want to lose weight, the foods you eat are way more important than exercise. But don't get me wrong, exercise is good, but diet is more important. And also, exercise is not going to reverse acne and digestive problems, but proper diet will.

   I believe in a Higher Power (I respect all religions) and I know that he/she/it wants us to tell the truth, and that is all you will hear from me. I have no agenda, except to tell you how I fixed all my health problems by changing my diet, so you can do the same by following my plan. I believe in helping each other instead of fighting each other.

   I am interested in you and me. I have not sold out to big business. Most mainstream TV shows, news, websites and forums have "sold out" and have an agenda. 

Will it work for you too? And why is my book free right now? 

Give it a try, and see for yourself. For a limited number of people, I am offering my online coaching program totally free so as to build a massive list of testimonials and case studies that I can include in The Digestive Chemistry Diet 2.0 that will be released this fall. 

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I am here to help you. That is why I am giving you the coaching program for free, so you can get started immediately. Just fill out the form above, and I will send it right out to you via email. You can be reading it within minutes from now.

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acne, constipation, and heartburn

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The Digestive Chemistry Diet  

Below is a chart I just made that is just one of the many charts included in the program. Check it out. Have you ever seen a chart like it before?

Well, in the free coaching program I will be explaining how it works, along with all the rest of them.

The chart below is just a general chart for weight loss and digestive problems like gas and heartburn. Exceptions not shown here. You will want to sometimes strategically break the rules, but this is a good foundation to start from.

There are many many exceptions to the chart depending on your health goal. 


Acne is caused by toxins or "perceived toxins" being eliminated through the skin, and has to do with food allergies and food intolerances, among other factors, and that is covered in a different chart. 

Also certain foods on the chart you will want to limit the quantity of, but they are shown here for clarification. You do not need to follow it 100% strict to gain the benefits from it. 

Below is modules 1-9 of the video portion of the program, and is meant to be used as a supplement to the book. (Total length = 59 minutes)

Note: the above video is actually a play list of videos that play one after another automatically. If you are returning to the site to continue watching the rest of the presentation, and you have already seen some of them, you can navigate through the series by putting the cursor over the video, and using the arrows on the left and the right of the screen. 

This diet integrates all the valuable aspects of raw food nutrients, food combining, juicing, macronutrient ratios, shrinking your stomach, vegetarian phases, eating meat, detoxing the fat cells, sunshine, identifying food allergies, digestive chemistry, and much more.

I include the full table of contents of the book, and a few long excerpts lower on this page.

Keep an open mind, be willing to accept new ideas, embrace change and a new way of doing things, and you will succeed in reaching your health goal, and join the many of people that are now in the know about drug free, natural health, disease reversal and disease prevention. 


Do you want to get on the fast track to improving your health?

Do you believe that we live in a cause and effect world?  

Wouldn't you agree that if you were to put a tomato seed in the ground, that the only possible plant that could grow from that seed would be a tomato?  If you plant the seeds of wisdom into your brain by reading valuable how-to information, you will eventually become very wise in the subject matter.

Wouldn't you also agree that there are more than one way to get from point A to point B?  But there is probably one route that would take you there faster than all the others?  Kind of like a shortcut route.  Don't you think that there are a few shortcuts to reaching your health goals as well?

Don't you also think that anything in life that has been accomplished by others, (within reason) you could also accomplish if you were to take the exact same steps as they did?

Kind of like a recipe. You don't necessarily have to have baked a cake before to be pretty successful at it. You only have to have a successful recipe, and then simply follow the directions. Right?

What about when it comes to your health?  Do you think that people have been able to get healthy after being chronically sick?  

Do you think that they just magically were healed one day, or do you think that they had to take some action and change some of the things that they were doing, that made them sick in the first place?

What if you were to have in front of you, a list of the exact steps that someone took, to totally reverse their health from all sorts of irritating minor health issues?  

Do you think that it would help you to reach your health goals, if you had a plan to follow?  Do you think that it is easier to travel across the country if you had a map, or do you think that it would be faster to try and just go and hope?

The fact of the matter is, that 99% of all highly successful people, have learned how to be successful, by following in the footsteps of other successful people.

"But what if I am just not motivated enough?"  You might be asking. Well, you can learn how to motivate yourself also.  There have been times in my life, when I just wanted to give up, and someone motivated me to keep on going.

Other times in my life, there was no one there to do that for me, and I had to eventually find a way to motivate myself.  I went out and started buying non fiction self improvement books and tapes.  

They started to motivate me. So I bought some more.  Today, I have a collection of motivational audio-books that cost me over $1500.

You might be thinking, "But what if I am motivated, but don't have an effective plan"?  You are right.  You need both.  And I can provide both of them for you.

You see....

When I had bad acne, I was self motivated to spend hours and hours reading everything that I could get my hands on about acne.  I was just fed up with it to the point of insanity.  I just couldn't take it anymore, and I just clear cut decided that I was going to get to the bottom of it, no matter what.

In practice, I found that most of the things that I would read about, didn't help.  But my desire for obtaining clear skin, outweighed the amount of time and effort that it was taking me to figure it out. I pressed on! I persisted!

In my search for what was causing my acne, I read some pretty complicated information about all kinds of diseases and health conditions.  When I would search for the cause of acne, not a whole lot of information was out there. 

There was a lot of web pages out there, but they were all saying the same thing about how it can't be cured.  And to buy their drugs to treat it. 

Well, I wasn't going to take any drugs no matter what, because of the side effects that they can have, and I knew that there had to be something else causing it besides bacteria. I just didn't buy into that theory.

It seemed to be coming from the inside.

Then one day I had a breakthrough idea.  

I knew that acne was a sign of an unhealthy body, so I totally shifted my focus.  Instead of putting all my focus on what causes acne, I started focusing on what causes health. 

I started studying what makes people healthy.  I started searching for the "Optimal Human Diet".  I started reading success stories from people that had reversed major health problems. 

I figured if I followed the same plan as they did, and started eating the foods that they ate to improve their major health problems, that maybe it would help my acne.

To make a long story short, a year or two later, after hundreds of hours of reading on the internet, and reading books from the library, I did find the "Optimal Human Diet".   

And then I put it to the test. I started eating all the right foods and simultaneously cut out all the bad foods that were destroying my skin.  

My desire to clear my skin, outweighed the temptation to eat the foods that were causing the acne to start with. Some of the foods that were causing my acne, were the last foods on earth that I would have thought could have been causing it.

But once I knew that these foods were causing my acne for a fact (by trial and error), it was easy for me to avoid them.

On this new diet plan that I had put together from all my research, and trial and error, I started noticing that other minor health problems that I had started to improve. 

Over time, all of my health problems faded away to a distant memory.  

My health was perfect. No bodily discomforts, pain, or symptoms of any kind.

Then one day my neighbors invited me to a party they were having. They kept on suggesting that I eat some food they had prepared for everyone.  I finally gave in, and ate some of their delicious food.

After that day, I fell back into my old way of eating, after 3 years of eating healthy and being healthy.  I went off my diet for 6 months.

Gradually but surely, my health started declining.  

Symptoms like acne, gas, heartburn, headaches, stomach pains, constipation, itchy skin, dandruff, and low energy, slowly but surely came back. I also gained 20 pounds.

I was then reminded of what I already knew.  That if I want optimal health, then I need to stick to what I know about diet, and the way that our health is directly related to the foods we eat.  

So about a month ago, I decided that it is just not worth the short term taste of "regular people food", at the expense of my "long term health".  

I quickly went back onto my "Super Healthy Diet" that had reversed my health back to symptom free. You see, since I already knew how, I was able to quickly do what I knew I needed to do to regain my health again.

Slowly but surely, a couple months later, I had lost the 20 pounds that I had gained, my skin cleared, no more stomach pains, no more headaches, no more itchy skin, no more constipation, no more dandruff, and now my energy levels are back to where they used to be. Full Power.

Would you be interested in how I did it, if I told you that I wrote a book on exactly how I did it?  Well I have written a book on how I did it.  

My friends that I would see when I used to go out a lot, would always ask me how I stay in such great shape. 

I would try to explain it to them, but there was just never enough time to properly explain it to them when I would see them out. And I didn't want to talk their ear off, so I just gave a few tips, and would leave it at that.

If I were to fully explain it to them, it would have taken hours to properly explain it. You know, in a way that they would understand the reasons why they needed to do the certain things. 

Some people won't do something until they know why they need to do it.

And I really wanted to help them to feel the freedom I feel, from being symptom free from this diet that I follow.  So I wrote this book in a manner that not only explains the exact steps to take, but the reasons why they need to take those steps. In my book I explain how everything works, and why certain steps are so important.

I figured that one day I would also want to teach it to any kids that I might have in the future, and I also wanted all my friends and family to have the gift of health.  

I also wanted to write it so that one day when I get old and my memory starts to fade, I will know what worked for me in the past.  But maybe my memory will stay good as long as I stick to my diet properly throughout my lifetime.  

I did for three years, so I know I can do it.  I just have to resist the temptations that are just not worth it. It's easiest to just go 100% and stay on the path.

I will also know that any grandkids that I might ever have, will have the information that they need to be born healthy, and stay healthy.  

You see, we live in a cause and effect world.  There is no way around this.  

So, to be successful at anything in life, the quickest way to do it, is to take the exact steps (the cause), that other successful people have taken. And then you will then have the greatest chance to enjoy the success (the effect) that they have.

Are you willing to put in the time that is necessary to read the information that you must read if you really want to improve your health and make your life better?  

You know, everyone talks a good game. They say "Yeah, I want to get healthy". But most people won't do anything about it. 

They just talk. All talk and no walk. 

Well if you stand still and do nothing, you will stay where you are.  

Do you like where you are at right now?  Well, you are going to be there for a long time if you stand still.

If you are tired of where you are at right now in your life, what are you going to do about it?

Are you willing to read something that will change your life.  Are you ready to learn from someone who has done it instead of hitting your head against the wall over and over again trying the same old thing that you have been doing?

Are you ready to get serious about your health and do what is necessary to fix your body?

Are you ready to trust in your own ability to do what it takes?  You can do anything that you put your mind to. 

Really. You just need to hold your own feet to the flames and just do what you know you need to do. You need motivation, and also an effective proven plan.  I can give you both.

Are you really ready to change your health for the better? Most people will answer no to this question. What will your answer be?  

Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to develop what it takes?

Do you have a deep desire for optimal health?  Are you willing to develop a deep desire for health?

If so, I will give you my entire downloadable book right now totally free, just to help spread the word about it. This is my entire book, and not just a teaser, like so many other websites offer. 

And if you put in the time to read it, it can dramatically change the quality of your life, and then you can help your loved ones by teaching them what I will teach you. But you must take the first step.  No one can do it for you.  It is you, and only you.


Below is a long excerpt from 

"The Digestive Chemistry Diet"

Table of contents

How to use this book.. 5

Very lengthy Introduction.. 6

I thank God for pointing me in the right direction. 7

Obtaining a vibrant sense of well being.. 7

The reason that I’m writing this book.. 8

Information overload.. 8

A proven plan.. 9

Confusion.. 10

Propaganda.. 10

Truth education.. 11

All the answers. 11

The reason I started studying health.. 11

Why are we sick.. 12

One song.. 13

Make this world a better place. 13

The blind leading the blind is not good.. 13

Ancient wisdom.. 14

The lost teachings of Jesus. 14

Health problems can be reversed.. 15

How to use this book.. 16

Reason I started studying health.. 17

I was working construction.. 17

What drove me to develop my "new energy theory diet plan"? . 17

What I was eating before my new diet. 18

There was nothing I would not eat. 18

Back to the construction site. 19

My acne was destroying my social life. 19

What the hell is wrong with my skin?. 19

Conflicting information.. 19

My long search for the truth.. 20

Fit in with the crowd?. 20

Resilient body. 21

I just don’t get sick anymore unless….. 21

Specific health problems I fixed on myself. 22

Weight loss without exercise. 22

The reason why we gain weight. 23

Storing toxins and Excess Acids in our fat cells. 23

Overloaded and clogged up digestive tract. 23

Constipation.. 25

Constipation can lead to many health problems: 25

Causes of constipation: 25

How to avoid constipation: 26

Oil ratio.. 26

Foods that can cause constipation.. 27

Acne. 27

My acne story. 27

Your skin is an eliminatory organ.. 28

Cause of acne. 28

Acne is a sign.. 29

How we deal with toxins. 30

You must keep a food journal to fix acne. 30

Spices. 30

Table salt. 31

Food allergies/intolerance can definitely cause acne. 32

Toxic natural foods. 32

Foods that can cause acne. 32

Acne – Elimination type diet – EXACT STEPS.. 33

Just for reference-- My acne diet evolution – I wrote this 3 years ago.. 37

Safe foods list. 37

These are foods that caused symptoms of acne. 38

Genetic ancestry. 39

Why cleansers don’t work.. 39

Moisturizing the skin.. 39

Shaving.. 40

Acid reflux (heartburn) 40

Additional Tactics that I use if my stomach starts to burn – exact steps. 41

Itchy skin.. 42

Colds and flu.. 42

Fever.. 43

Mucus. 43

Razor bumps. 43

Body odor.. 43

Diarrhea.. 44

Upset stomach.. 44

Athlete’s foot. 44

Gas pains. 44

Yeast overgrowth.. 45

Sugar feeds yeast and germs. 46

Expanding digestive tract. 46

Headaches. 47

Dehydration.. 47

Whole wheat pasta gave me a severe headache and very sleepy. 47

Chronic fatigue syndrome. 47

The diet program.. 48

Keeping a food journal. 48

What to record.. 48

Weekly and monthly trends. 49

The science of digestive chemistry. 49

Food combining principles. 49

Incompatible food combinations. 50

Separate your foods properly for Optimally Efficient Digestion.. 50

Rotting food residues. 50

Bad combinations. 51

Examples of bad food combinations: 51

Examples of good combinations: 53

Good examples of ok combinations: 53

Protein and starch combinations = bad combination.. 53

Sugars and starch combinations = bad combination .. 54

Acidic foods and starches = bad combination.. 55

If I break the food combining rules. 55

Food combining principles Summary. 55

Rotting food.. 56

Causes of Rotting foods: 56

Natural decomposers. 56

Rotten stuff smells rotten.. 57

Chewing your food into a liquid.. 57

Sharp foods. 58

Transition phase. 58

A Word About Detoxification Symptoms. 58

Transition diet overview – this is only the first step in changing your diet. 59

Transition diet exact steps. 60

Introduction To Advanced Cycling Through Phases. 63

Carbohydrate loading phases. 65

Liquid meal phases. 65

Raw Carrot juice phase. 66

Fruit smoothie phases. 67

Organic Raw orange juice Smoothie phase. 67

General fruit eating guidelines. 68

Starches and oils – phase. 68

Acidic Foods Phase. 69

Fiber.. 71

A little bit of oil. 71

Acid alkaline ash charts. 71

Blood type and genetics. 72

Proper fuel. 72

Meal timing.. 73

Digestive capacity. 73

Only eat to 80 percent full. Don’t clean your plate. 73

Raw food nutrients. 74

Cooking food.. 74

Fire. 74

Phytochemicals and protective nutrients. 74

We want to start flooding the body with living nutrients. 75

Juicers. 75

Leafy green vegetable juice. 76

Barley grass powder.. 76

Dehydrated Foods. 76

Raw Salads. 76

Celery. 76

Melons. 76

Healthy oils. 76

Transitioning to eating more Raw food nutrients. 77

The Vegetarian lifestyle. 77

The benefits of eating meat 77

The ultimate goal. 78

Cutting back on certain animal source foods. 78

" Species specific unique diet" -- Vegetarian animals vs. carnivores. 78

Humans – Vegetarian or not? Are we designed to eat plant foods best? And are certain meats actually needed for most people?  79

Every time I eat bad combinations it makes me feel bad. 81

Do we need Vitamin B-12 found in meat?. 82

Elimination cycles/patterns. 82

Halloween and its relation to sickness. 83

Recipes. 84

Hash browns – on occasion.. 85

Home made candy bars (in moderation) 85

Alkalizing orange drink.. 85

Simple salad snack.. 85

Lentil soup recipe .. 85

More Optional Ingredients. 86

Entry from my food diary – Pineapple smoothie and soup morning.. 88

Candy cranberry smoothie recipe . 90

Food journal entry – cranberry smoothie, salad and soup morning.. 90

Eat what your body craves. 91

Things to phase out and avoid.. 91

Some of the foods that make me feel the worst are: 91

Taste buds and artificial chemicals. 92

Sugar addiction.. 92

Sodas. 92

Milk is for babies only. 93

Addictive substances. 93

Pain pills. 94

Cigarettes. 95

Cheap beer and wine. 95

Caffeine. 95

Types Of Caffeine. 97

Alcohol. 97

Avoid Absorbing toxins through your lungs if possible. 98

Avoid Absorbing toxins through the skin.. 100

Most Shampoo is not good.. 101

Water quality. 102

Spring water.. 102

Filtered Tap water.. 102

Purified drinking water.. 103

Distilled water.. 103

Plastic in the water.. 103

Shower water filter.. 103

More Healing tactics. 103

Food displacement. 103

Shrinking your stomach.. 104

Probiotics. 104

The adrenaline response. 105

Vitamin C.. 106

My journal excerpt – Vitamin C day. 106

Vitamin C flush.. 107

I sliced my finger and fixed it with Vitamin C crystals. 108

Vitamin C: a powerful antibiotic.. 109

" Esther C" Neutralized Accidentally Inhaled Insecticide Powder.. 110

What to do if you get bit by a fire ant: 110

Massive doses of Vitamin C.. 111

Vitamin C does not mix with starches. 111

Trial and error and putting the puzzle together 112

How to see for yourself the unstable properties of the Vitamin C.. 112

Lemon juice is similar to ascorbic acid in taste. 113

Sleep. 113

Steam Room Environment. 114

How I create this "Steam Room Environment" in the privacy of my own home. 114

Sunshine. 115

Sunshine and Vitamin C.. 116

Sunscreens 116

Healing sunburn.. 117

Excerpts From My Food Journal. 117

True hunger?. 118

Eating as entertainment. 118

Hunger pangs. 118

Mood swings. 118

Fasting.. 119

Half Day fasting phase. 119

Water Fasting.. 119

Breaking the fast. 120

Motivation.. 120

A few ways to stay motivated, and a few things to just make you think. 120

Steady improvements. 124

Focus on the benefits. 124

Stress. 125

Deep breathing.. 125

Negative people. 125

Emotions are contagious. 126

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) 126

Visualization.. 127

Affirmations. 127

Positive suggestion.. 127

Faith.. 128

Breaking the rules of this program in moderation.. 129

Right now you have a choice.. 129

Make the right decision.. 129

Conclusion.. 131

Exercise program – introduction only. 132

Exercise is slightly damaging.. 132

Starting out slow.. 132

A gradual process. 132

Aerobics. 132

Appendix.. 133

Essene gospel of peace. 133

All Charts and diagrams to print out. 133

Substitution Food Chart. 133

All Types of Foods Chart. 133

Substitution Food Chart. 133

Acne Causing Food Chart. 133

Starches and vegetables food combining chart. 133

Meat and vegetables food combining chart. 134

Beans and vegetables food combining chart. 134

Acid fruit and sub-acid fruit food combining chart. 134

Sweet fruit and Sub-acid fruit food combining chart. 134

Neutral vegetables and oil food combining chart . 134

Alkaline/Acid Ash Chart – Fruits And Vegetables. 134

Alkaline/Acid Ash Chart – Other Foods. 134

Eliminate these foods first list: 134

Glue Foods List: 134

Best sources of fiber list. 135


The reason why we gain weightlose weight without exercise the digestive chemistry diet

Why do some people gain weight and some people don't? It’s all about the way they eat.  They have just stumbled into a way of eating that they probably learned from their parents or friends.

It is not all about self-control. It’s all about picking the right foods and digesting them properly so your body can satisfy its nutrient requirements.

If you constantly deprive your body of a steady flow of the required nutrients it needs, your body thinks there is a food shortage. Your body does not like being deprived from essential nutrients.

Your body then thinks it needs to save energy and hold onto its body fat, while at the same time increasing cravings for anything and everything under the sun that is possibly edible, until it attains enough food to satisfy the required nutrients.

If, on the other hand, the nutrients it needs is available all the time, your body will not object to losing extra body fat. There simply will be no need to conserve body fat. Your body will then automatically use its own body fat for fuel and reach an ideal weight.

Nature always takes the path of least resistance. Your body does not want to carry around extra weight, and it will let go of any and all extra weight, if you follow this eating program I am presenting to you.

Storing toxins and Excess Acids in our fat cells

Our bodies do not store fat for the sole purpose of storing up energy for the future.  One of the reasons that our bodies store fat, is because it is sometimes storing toxins and excess acids, so as to keep them away from the vital organs. 

You see if our bodies can’t eliminate toxins efficiently, it will take the path of least resistance, and sometimes it is easier to store the toxins away and try to eliminate them later when we have the right nutrients to neutralize the toxins for safe elimination.

Sometimes, our bodies will send the toxins strait through your skin and cause a rash, or persistent acne. If you keep eating toxins, and you are slightly constipated, then you will probably gain weight or develop acne. 

Your body can react to certain foods and chemicals like they are toxins. Just think of poisonous mushrooms or Poison Ivey. They look like food, but they act like poisons to your body. 

There are many things that you are probably eating that are not good for you if your health is not 100%.  

Overloaded and clogged up digestive tract

Another reason we gain weight is simply that we have foods in our body that has not been eliminated yet, and this food is stuck in our digestive tract.  One example of this would be if we eat a lot of refined food in which the fiber has been taken out of it.

These foods do not move properly through the digestive tract because there is not enough fiber in them for your intestines to "grab onto". Fiber is what your intestines "grabs onto" to keep the meal moving through the digestive tract.

Here is a metaphor: the food is like a suitcase and the fiber is like the handle. It is a lot easier to carry a suitcase when you have a handle to grab onto.

If I go off of my diet and start eating bad foods, I always feel glued up. I just recently went off of my diet to notice the difference. I started eating tuna, mayonnaise, pizza, and sandwiches, all at the same time. I feel horrible. I feel sick.

Instead of going to the bathroom and only taking a minute to finish, I would be in there 5 min or longer.

Its like I would go and then wipe, and then have to go l little more, then a minute later I would go a little more. This would go on for 5 min or longer.  Also instead of having to go two or three times per day, I would have to take a bunch of little ones up to seven times per day.

When I stick to my diet I feel ten times better. It’s just not worth it to eat bad meals. They taste good but they make me feel bad. 

Before discovering and perfecting my diet a couple years ago, I always felt bad, I just though it was normal to feel like that my whole life. Now I know better.

Action steps for rapid weight loss: A few of these steps might not be what you want to hear that you need to do, but you will get used to your new way of eating, I PROMISE, and also you do not have to eat like this forever, but at least you will know how to lose weight whenever you need to.

  1. Quit eating “glue foods” (FOODS THAT GET STUCK IN OUR DIGESTIVE TRACT)

  2. Follow the food combining principles charts

  3. Try to gravitate towards cutting out starches temporarily

  4. Try to gravitate away from meat temporarily

  5. Avoid milk and dairy products and cheese

  6. Stop eating pizza, pasta and sandwiches

  7. Stop eating most fast food items

  8. Stop drinking sodas and sweet tea – soda will pack on the pounds because they are full of calories and they make you very acidic.

  9. Drink water and fresh Raw juices (Carrot juice, Green leafy vegetable juice, Raw lemon juice, Raw orange juice, Raw grapefruit juice)– They will alkalize your body, and then the excess acids and toxins stored in the fat cells will be neutralized, and then the weight can come off without the acids and toxins being burned with the fat, which your body does not want to do because it is not healthy to burn toxic or acidic fat, so it just holds on to the fat until the right nutrients are available. Follow the food combining principles with your juices also. However, I have added raw vegetable juice and raw fruit juice together without too many problems.

  10. You must alkalize your body to lose weight without exercise. Refer to the "alkaline ash charts" and eat as many alkaline forming foods as possible, and avoid "acid forming foods" as much as possible until the weight comes off. This is key to remember.

  11. Try to stay in the vegetarian salad and smoothie phases of the program as much as possible for super rapid weight loss.

  12. Remember: follow the “food combining principles”, and "Alkaline Ash charts"

  13. Get rid of constipation.

  14. Follow the rest of the dietary guidelines and healing tactics throughout this book.

Pizza is known to be a major cause of constipation. If we become constipation and continually drink a lot of sugary sodas then one of the ways your body might deal with the extra calories is to store them as body fat. 

If you do not eat foods that cause constipation your body will simply expel the extra calories.


Constipation can lead to many health problems:

  • Hemorrhoids from straining

  • Re-absorption of toxins into the bloodstream

  • Headaches

  • Malnutrition

  • Indigestion

  • Varicose veins

  • Diverticulosis

  • Irritability

  • Bowel cancer

  • Bowel impaction

  • Auto immune diseases

  • Abdominal pains

  • Depression

  • Weight gain

Causes of constipation:

  • Eating “glue foods” 

  • Drinking sodas and sugary drinks

  • Eating a lot of Cheeses

  • Eating a lot of Meat (meat has no fiber in it)

  • Getting dehydrated

  • Overeating nuts and seeds (soaking Raw nuts overnight in water will help but they are not as tasty)

  • Drugs or Medications

  • Improper diet

  • Not going when you feel the urge and “holding it in” because you are not close to a bathroom or think you are too busy

  • Eating refined foods (especially refined starches like white flour, pasta, biscuits, cookies....)

How to avoid constipation:

  •  Stay hydrated by drinking enough water and juices.

  •  Stop eating refined foods (They glue us down inside)

  •  Eat more high water content fruits like oranges

  •  Avoid eating refined sugar and sodas

  •  Eat more good fiber like carrots, lettuce, apples, and corn. But not all at the same time. Follow the food combining charts.

  •  Avoid eating breakfast cereals. Most of them contain little fiber, and the ones that do, are usually made with wheat, which can irritate your digestive tract, cause headaches, can cause acne, and many people are intolerant to it.

  •  Okra will help get things moving.

  •  Follow the rest of the dietary guidelines and healing tactics presented throughout this book

If you are constipated, the food stuck in your intestines starts to rot more and more the longer it is in your body.

Constipation is unhealthy for the body, especially if you are eating toxic, chemical containing foods or foods that you are intolerant to.

If you are in a "starch phase" make sure that you are not eating refined starches that have had the fiber removed (white rice, pastas, biscuits). Also when eating starches you want the meal to have enough oil in it (olive or coconut oil).

The more oil in the meal the less chance of constipation. But too much oil will zap your energy. Also you will want to eat enough fiber containing vegetables with a starch-based meal.  If you do eat refined starches then this is a must. Refer to the food charts.

If you are in an "acid fruit phase" then the high water content (the pulp of the orange) and the fiber in the pears and apple should keep things moving and rinsed out.

Almonds can seem like they cause constipation if not eaten with enough neutral vegetables. Refer to food charts. However it is not the same as the "clogging type" of constipation as eating "glue foods" 

Raw almonds are actually really healthy and a good source of fiber that relieves constipation and scrapes the digestive tract clean. 

Sometimes constipation can be cause by eating healthy foods like lettuce or barley grass powder, if you are not used to eating good foods, because your intestines might be absorbing all the liquid part of the stool because it might be in need of the nutrients that are available there. 

Once you get on the diet for a while, your body will adjust, and you should become regular.

Oil ratio

Too much oil will cause the opposite of constipation. However too much oil might slow you down. Think of oil as a slow burning fuel. You want the right ratio of carbohydrates to fats depending on what you are planning on doing the rest of the day.

The more physically active you are, the more carbohydrates you will need to keep your energy up.

Also the type of carbohydrates will be a factor in the ratio of oil that you will want to include in the meal. The ratio and types of Sugars in fruits are not the same in all fruits.

All carbohydrates are not the same. Starches are way different than sugars from any source. Sugars and starches do not digest well in the same "stomach batch". 

If you play sports, then raw fruits and their juices will be a good source of energy. Fruits digest way easier than starches. 

Starches require an enzyme to digest them. This enzyme is destroyed by acid. If you eat meat, then your stomach pumps out an acid. Starches and meats eaten at the same time will cause a digestive conflict. Avoid this combination as best as you can.

Foods that can cause constipation


Cheeses are very clogging to your digestive track. Every time I eat cheese, or meals containing cheese, it feels like my stomach turns into a knot, and I usually feel clogged up with stomach pains for a few days until it has worked his way back out of my system. 

However I have been on my program for a long time, so my digestive track is used to processing and eliminating my foods without getting clogged up. 

If you have been eating cheese for a long time, you might be used to the feeling of having a clogged up digestive track, and since for most people in the United States, they have been eating this way their whole lives, they don’t know what feels like to not have stomach pains of some type.

White bread

Just about every sandwich, every burger, dinner roles, fast food biscuits, can cause constipation.


Pizza is another food that usually takes a long time to move through the digestive tract.  Pizza is also another food that has almost no fiber in.  Cheese is one of the main foods that will clog down your digestive tract and it is hard for your body to digest.

Acnecure acne

Note: healing scars from acne does not happen overnight. The information I am presenting here is mainly how to stop new breakouts and healing the skin in a natural way. My acne scars were from acne that has never been treated with pharmaceutical drugs.

My acne story

My acne is the only reason I started studying health. I was in a time of my life where I had perfected my homemade pizza crust and it was the best. It was way better than delivery. It was crispy, covered in crispy pepperonis, and black olives.

I had perfected my recipe over the course of about a year or two. The sauce was made of tomato puree, garlic powder, oregano, basil, table salt, black pepper, and white sugar, in exactly the right proportions. 

I had made the process of baking pizzas, into a science. My recipe had been perfected through the trial and error of over 200 pizzas over the years.

Now at this time in my life my baking skills were excellent, but my skin was breaking out.  

At the time I didn’t see the connection.  

I started studying what causes acne on the Internet and in many books in the library. Some sites would say food didn’t cause acne. They were mainly the same people that were selling acne medication or treatments.

Then other websites and books would say that food does cause breakouts. It was very confusing and I almost wanted to give up but my desire to fix my skin kept me researching the causes of acne.

To make a long story short, out of all of my years of study and trial and error I have fixed my skin without medication.  I am 31 years old and had acne until I changed my diet. This is fact.

I can make myself breakout on demand just to prove it just by eating bad foods. Certain foods will give me a cyst like bump on my face that can sometimes take up to 3 weeks to totally go away after I quit eating that food. 

Before I knew which foods were causing me to break out, I had bumps that just stayed there. I kept eating the stuff that was causing it.

Your skin is an eliminatory organ

Acne is just toxic substances being eliminated through the skin and getting stuck on the way out.  

The majority of these toxins are in our foods that we continually eat that are just not compatible with our own genetically unique body.  In this book I will list foods that a lot of people and myself are commonly allergic to.

Once we know this, we can use it to our advantage, and find foods that are compatible for our bodies.  This takes a little effort, trial and error, and a little extra time each day at first.  But once we know our own individual "safe foods list", we will be in control of our acne and other health problems

Cause of acne

Acne is caused by toxins, which are being eliminated through the skin.  These toxins can come from a food allergy, or they can come from the food residue from past meals that is stuck in your digestive track and rotting. Constipation is a major factor in acne.

Anything in excess in the body can become toxic.  Most water-soluble toxins do not get stuck in the skin, but toxins from eating the wrong types of oils, proteins, or by eating burnt food, can get stuck in the skin if your body decides it needs to eliminate the toxin through the skin.

By eating a high water content, high-fiber diet you can avoid constipation. I don’t recommend fiber from breakfast cereals however because they are a different type of fiber and they have addictive qualities, and wheat can cause acne by itself.

This will enable your body to keep your foods moving swiftly through your digestive track so they do not have time to rot, and so your body doesn’t have time to re-absorb any old rotting foods that are stuck, rotting in your digestive track. 

If you are on the typical American diet, it can take a while for your insides to be cleaned out once you are on the proper diet.  During the transition period, you will want to keep your food intake volume up so as to displace the old rotting foods and old rotting and toxic food residues. 

Fruits and "neutral vegetables" are loaded with good fiber. Green beans, carrots, apples, and romaine lettuce, small amounts of raw almonds (must be thoroughly chewed or they will slice you), un-process corn, are all excellent sources of fiber to keep things moving.

Don’t eat all of these foods at the same time though. Refer to the food combining principles charts when designing your meals.

You can never go wrong with raw carrots, so I recommend eating as many as you can stand for rapid results. Raw carrots are like a broom that scrubs your intestines clean

Do up your intake of fiber gradually over the course of a week or two, as opposed to a couple days. If you eat too much fiber too fast, you will cause a "traffic jam"

Acne is a sign

Acne is a visual sign to let you know how your insides are doing, and if the foods you are eating are good for your genetics.

Acne is really there to help guide you in your quest for health. It is kind of like a little health meter so we can tell how our insides are doing. 

There’s so many addicting "junk non-foods" constantly being advertised to us, that we don’t know which way to go. From the time we were little kids in elementary school, we started eating the school lunch, which is very far away from being a healthy diet.

It’s not our fault that we’re not healthy; we were just doing what we were told. Our parents said, now you’re not leaving the table until you finish your dinner.

We were just eating what everybody else was eating, and we thought that it was normal.  However the world we live in is one based on cause and effect.  Many great thinkers throughout history have tried to explain this to us.

How we deal with toxins

Some people’s bodies deal with toxins in different ways than other people.  Some people store the toxins away into fatty tissues and they will gain weight. 

Some people’s bodies will eliminate the toxins through the skin and it can cause acne.  Some people might not be able to deal with the toxins properly and then it causes more serious diseases.

Note: not all people are the same.  Some people might digest certain foods that other people are allergic to.  

People have different genetics and come from different parts of the world.  Also by not following the rules of "digestive chemistry" certain combinations of foods can become toxic when eaten at the same time. 

Remember back in high school in chemistry class?  When we would mix a bunch of things together, they can sometimes have dramatic chemical reactions, and turn into totally different substances.

You must keep a food journal to fix acne

To solve an acne problem, you must keep a food journal.  Make it detailed and record all the foods you are eating and notice which foods make you break out.  

It takes up to three to four days after eating the wrong foods or wrong food combinations, for it to result in acne.  If you are constantly breaking out, then you are constantly eating foods that break you out.

It can take up to two weeks for some bumps to diminish after discontinuing the causative factors. In this book I will give a list of foods that probably cause acne in a lot of people if they have acne.

You will need to cycle through different phases of eating different foods, so you will be able to tell which foods are causing acne, headaches, and other health issues.

This is the only way to find out which foods your body does not have a problem with.

Some places can also do a scratch test where they put certain foods and/or substances on your skin and see if it causes an allergic reaction.  There is also a blood test that you can send to a laboratory to test. I have not personally done either of these tests.

I did take test to see what blood type I was. I am type A. Foods that might be good for one blood type, might cause problems in someone with a different blood type.


Looking back through my food journal, when I was breaking out, I was eating a lot of garlic and it was making my nose and face red.  Also I was eating a lot of cayenne pepper, which was making my face red and/or breakout. 

Any herb, spice or food can possibly cause acne or itchy skin. If your skin is not prone to breaking out or itching, then herbs and spices can make stuff tasty. 

But a lot of people might have mild food allergies to certain herbs and spices, so once you transition onto the main "safe diet", and all of your symptoms disappear, and your health recovers one hundred percent, then and only then try and add back some of the herbs and spices and then look for and bad reactions.

Remember: It could take up to three days or longer to have a reaction from eating certain herbs, spices, and foods. 

Refer to the list of foods that people are commonly allergic to, then avoid all of them for a while and eat a very clean high fiber diet to flush the residue out of your digestive tract.

This might take 1-2 weeks of proper eating to get it out of your system. Also drink plenty of purified water to flush out toxins and avoid constipation.

Constipation and acne

If you are chronically constipated and you have acne, then constipation is almost definitely a major factor that is causing your acne. Once you start eating the way I am recommending in this program, it will fix this problem.

Also if your foods are moving out faster, then toxins have less of a chance to be absorbed back into the blood stream where they might eventually be eliminated through the skin. To stop new breakouts you need to stop eliminating toxins through the skin.

Table salt 

Table salt is listed on food labels as salt. Table salt can cause acne and is unhealthy in general. Totally avoid table if possible. It’s hard though because they put it in everything. Restaurants use it, and it is in almost all canned and packaged foods. You can use unrefined sea salt instead. 

Eating too much of any salt makes your skin swell up and retain water. This makes it less permeable. Your skin is one of your eliminatory organs. If you can cut way down on your salt intake your skin will become more permeable. Then toxins or the oil your body naturally sends to your skin to keep it moisturized won’t get stuck below the surface as easily.

Try and cut your salt intake way down. You do however need a little sea salt in your diet. Do this slowly so your body has a chance to adjust and so you don’t get dehydrated. Your body will change its absorption rate and the rate it excretes it to keep your body in balance.

Drastically increasing your salt intake can cause acne because your body takes time to adjust its absorption rate. An example would be if you binged ate a big bag of chips. Try to keep your salt intake steady and moderately low. Also the oil that most chips are made from can cause acne. In the acne chart I list the potentially bad oils to avoid.

Food allergies/intolerance can definitely cause acne

A "food intolerance" is when your body has a slight allergic reaction to certain foods. It might not make you super sick instantly, but over the long term it puts a strain on your immune system. This is very common with a lot of people, even if they don’t realize it. 

Have you ever seen on the label of certain foods where it says "contains: peanuts, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, etc."

This is because many people have bad reactions to these foods.  Nothing is "black or white", "totally good or totally bad". Just because you don’t have a severe allergic reaction, doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t experience a mild allergic reaction.

Also food allergy might not be "fixed or constant". Avoiding the offending food for 2-6 months can sometimes reverse the allergic reaction to the food. Then you can re-introduce the food back into your diet and watch for the symptoms to re-occur.

Toxic natural foods

Depending on your genetics and blood type, some foods are going to be slightly toxic to your body. Even all-natural, unprocessed foods can be toxic.  Just think of poison ivy or deadly mushrooms. 

Just because a plant grows on this earth does not mean that it is fit for human consumption.  Also if a food does not digest properly it can act like a toxin or turn into one if eaten with the wrong foods. The inside of our bodies are having chemical reactions just like we did in chemistry class.

If you have acne, it usually means that you are either, allergic to a toxin you absorbed into your skin, allergic to certain foods or food additives, or that you ate good foods and the nutrients from the good foods are replacing old toxic tissues in your body and the old toxins are being eliminated through your skin.

Foods that can possibly cause acne

I recommend avoiding peanut butter because peanuts has chemical in them that some people have an allergy to. I am sure that peanuts to make my skin breakout. 

Also saturated fats can cause acne.  These are found many animal foods like eggs and cheese.  Also broccoli, bananas and other seemingly innocent foods have the potential to cause acne if your genetics makes you "incompatible" for that food.

Sesame oil makes me breakout on my forehead. I will list many other foods that can possibly make you break out. Study the "acne causing food chart" in the appendix.

Coffee makes me break out on my neck.

Acne – Elimination type diet -- EXACT STEPS

The best acne treatment is preventing and reversing this condition. The best way to eliminate acne is to go on an elimination type diet where you will record all of the foods that you eat and the condition of your skin for a period of a few weeks until you start to notice a clear pattern between the foods that you eat, and the effect they have on your skin.

Eventually you will have your own lists of foods that your specific body tolerates and which foods give you acne. I have compiled a list of foods that I suspect was causing my acne and have made a chart for you as a starting point. This chart is the result of me testing foods on myself for the last 7 years.

Once your skin clears you can then systematically re-introduce other foods not on the safe list and see which foods you can tolerate. Also record the location of the breakouts and the food that you suspect is the culprit.

Certain foods make me break out in certain areas where other foods will make me break out in other areas. Record the foods you ate 2-3 days before the breakout, and the location of the breakout.

Peanuts make me breakout on my bicep by my elbow; ketchup, outer bicep; wheat, the outside crack of my nose; cheese, my upper outer leg; black pepper, inner upper leg; coffee, back and side of neck; eggs, directly below eyes; sour cream, close to temples; cayenne pepper, between eyebrows; cooked tomatoes, around lips; ground cumin (a spice in taco seasoning), back and shoulders; cilantro makes me itchy; wheat gives me headaches; cheese gives me constipation.

You should build your lists of good and bad foods like I did, but you should use my lists as a reference and a starting place.

Things to do to help stop new acne from forming are as follows:

1. Proper food combining plays a major role in acne and overall health. The skin is a reflection of your inner health. If you have acne you will also need to follow the rules listed below also.

2. Do not eat table salt. It makes me breakout. Only use un-iodized sea salt also try to cut way down on all salt because salt makes your skin retain water and this makes toxins get stuck on the way out.

3. Hydrogenated oils and gristle fats, and many oils that are in candy bars, cheese, and possibly other oils get stuck in the top layers of your skin. If you don’t eat healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, (extra virgin olive oil is one of the few oils that are currently on my 100% safe list) then your body has to use what it has.

Your body will do what it can to keep your skin moisturized. It sends oil to your skin to keep it flexible. It has to use the fats that you eat to produce sebum (the oil on your skin).

Eliminate the bad fats and replace them with good fats. Soybean oil makes me breakout and they put it in almost everything (especially deep fried foods). I think this is due to a food intolerance or that the oil is just toxic to start with. I think many people have this reaction to these types of oils. Stick to extra virgin olive oil to start with.

4. Stop using acne cream. I know you’re probably like what? Instead go and get some "raw Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil or olive oil" put this on your face at night or after a shower to seal in moisture. Keep it out of your eyes. It might burn your eyes. Acne creams dry out your skin and it is not good to use them long term. If you do you will look old before your time.

5. Stop drinking all artificial drinks. I know you are probably thinking of closing this book after reading that last sentence, but wait. How bad do you want to have clear skin? The artificial dyes are toxic and someone I know said that they always had diarrhea until they quit drinking sodas.

The sugars in them also feed yeast overgrowth that is a major factor in acne and many other health problems both major and minor. Sugar feeds cancer.

6. Drink a lot purified or spring water when you will be near the bathroom. The best time to drink a lot of water is in between meals.  You don’t want to drink too much water with your meals because it dilutes your digestive fluids. Water helps to flush out toxins and will keep you from getting dehydrated.

7. Eat more fiber in the form of carrots, apples, and other foods that are on the best sources of fiber list. All foods need to be eaten in "good combinations." Use the food combining charts.

8. Stop ketchup and mustard. It contains vinegar, which causes bumps on my arms. It also contains table salt.

9. Wheat products give me acne bumps in the crack of my nose if I eat a large dose of it. If I just eat a little then it might just make my skin flaky around my nose.

10.  Garlic especially when cooked makes the end of my nose red all over, and if I eat a lot of cooked garlic or garlic powder, it will cause a tiny blood colored bump on the end of my nose. I still eat a little Raw garlic because it taste good. If I don’t eat any garlic, then of my nose turns back to the color as the rest of the skin on my face.

11.  Too much Cayenne pepper also causes Acne and can cause your face to be red. Have you ever eaten some really hot hot sauce on Buffalo wings, and your face instantly turned red?  This is because Cayenne pepper increases blood flow to the skin, and if there are a lot of toxins in the blood then there’s the chance that they might be eliminated through the skin. 

Also your body might have a food intolerance to cayenne pepper and will treat it like a toxin and might eliminate it through the skin if your other channels of elimination are not working properly or not as fast as they should.  If you are constipated, there is a greater chance that toxins will be eliminated through the skin instead of into the toilet.

12.  Broccoli makes me break out on my leg and on my face. It is kind of like one of those cystic acne bumps.

13.  Black pepper makes me break out on my inner upper legs. When I was working construction right out of high school, I was eating burgers and fries covered with table salt, Black pepper, and ketchup, eaten with a big cheeseburger. 

I ate this kind of food every single day.  I thought I had some kind of venereal disease.  The bumps would just never go away.  They were the painful type.  A just kept on eating the foods that my body was allergic to. 

I was also constipated from eating a heavily refined diet of honey buns, oatmeal cream pies, moon pies, and other convenience store foods, and all kinds of other junk foods made out of White flour.  If you’re constipated and you’re eating foods that your body cannot tolerate, your body will eliminate the toxins through the skin because it has no other option.

14.  The spice cumin (found in taco meat seasoning) makes me breakout on my back in cystic type acne. It is recommended that you temporarily eliminate all spices if possible for a two to three weeks, and then systematically re-introduce them if necessary, watching for which spices or foods are causing the bumps.

15.  Drink Raw carrot juice. When I first started drinking carrot juice it made me breakout on my temples, but it was a good "temporary breakout".  It was just my body eliminating old stored toxins. The beta-carotene in the carrots enabled my body to "bind to the toxins" and then they were being eliminated through my skin.

After a couple breakouts from the carrot juice, the carrot juice didn’t keep causing future breakouts. This is a powerful substance. I give it much credit for rebuilding my skin. It has tons of beta-carotene, which is good for your liver. Your liver helps to neutralize toxins so you need it to be functioning well.

16.  Peanut butter makes me breakout on my arm and causes constipation.  Roasted nuts are very difficult for your body to digest.

17.    Fix any constipation issues because breakouts can be caused from constipation.

18.  Cooked tomatoes can cause little red Acne bumps in the crack of your mouth where your lips meet.  Also they can cause Acne on or around your chin area.

19.  Food preservatives and colorings can also cause acne. If you want to get serious about fixing your acne, you’ll probably want to start preparing most of your food so you know all the ingredients that are going into the meal.

It would be nice if there were restaurants that made eating a "clean diet" a convenient thing. Once you get the hang of preparing your foods yourself however, you will easily be able to bring your own food to work or wherever you go.

20.  One other thing that I would like to mention here, is that smoking cigarettes do not seem to cause acne. I rarely smoke cigarettes, but if I go through a "smoking cigarettes phase" by accident, it doesn’t seem to affect my skin in a negative way.

Smoking does however make a very hard to do any kind of exercise, and makes a hard to breath and they can definitely cause headaches and anxiety. Cigarettes have many other horrible side effects so you do not want to smoke.  I just want to mention that if you do smoke, and you have acne, that it is probably not a major contributing factor.

21.   If you’re going to drink, Guinness is the only beer I recommend that I know of available in most grocery stores, because they put other poisons in most other beers. Also a lot of beers are made with wheat, and we can cause acne and headaches.  Many people have a food and tolerance to wheat.

I am not recommending drinking but when I used to drink Guinness beer I think that it helped to dissolve toxins that were stuck in the skin. I would notice an effect the next day after a night of drinking them.

It could also be from the flushing the kidneys with a lot of liquid that was helping too. It could also be from the nutrients found in this black beer. It might also be from going to sleep without eating dinner (night fasting). I just know that it helped.

Also most beers will make my stomach burn and Guinness doesn’t if I eat the right food combinations earlier on in the day (like green beans, raw carrots, a little sea salt, and a tiny amount of olive oil) or no food at all.

Beer has carbohydrates slightly similar to sugars except that the yeast have already digested the sugars and turned them into alcohol. Alcohol absorbs straight through your stomach lining into your bloodstream, so it bypasses most of the digestive process. 

It doesn’t go as good with starches because it interferes with starch digestion. It combines with salads made of neutral vegetables and oils pretty good.  It also goes good with cooked or canned green beans.

Remember: I am not recommending drinking but the day after drinking a few or more Guinness beers I have noticed repeatedly that my skin is noticeably clearer, maybe it has to do with dehydration, flushing of the kidneys, or maybe it’s the naturally occurring b vitamins found in this dark beer. It kind of taste like coffee.

Remember, I’m not recommending drinking because it is very dangerous drug, and also physically addicting and can lead to other major health problems like cirrhosis of the liver and car accidents.  I just want to mention here that if you do drink, that drinking Guinness beer, will probably not result in Acne.

Follow the rest of the dietary guidelines and healing tactics presented throughout this book

Just for reference--  My acne diet evolution – I wrote this 3 years ago

These foods are probably OK to eat for eliminating acne but must be combined properly.

 I was 95% vegetarian for 3 years strait, so now I recommend cutting down animal source foods or severely limiting their consumption if at all.

Safe foods list

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Russet potatoes

  • Low sodium tuna fish

  • Almonds

  • Brazil nuts

  • Organic lean beef

  • Apples

  • Yellow squash

  • Okra

  • Green pole beans

  • Dates

  • Natural sea salted potato chips

  • Non iodized sea salt

  • Fresh Raw orange juice

  • Fresh Raw Apple juice

  • Fresh Raw grape juice

  • Vitamin C, 5 to 15 grams per day – do not eat with starches!!

  • I’m sure there are other foods but I haven’t tested them yet. If you are going to fry your food, use 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

These are foods that probably caused symptoms of acne

  • Whole wheat products

  • Peanuts

  • Vinegar

  • Mushrooms

  • Corn chips

  • Broccoli

  • Iodized salt

  • Red pepper

  • Black pepper

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Soybean oil

  • Soy products

  • Soy protein

  • Soy beans

  • Cheese

  • Butter

  • Cream

  • Milk

  • Dairy products

  • Garlic

  • Chocolate bars

  • Licorice

  • Creatine

And there are many others that I have not tested yet.

Also any substance that enters your body such as medications can and do cause acne.

Disclaimer: but check with your doctor before discontinuing any medication!!!!!

Remember: It takes 2-4 days for a food to show up on your skin if you are "allergic" to it. I am 100% clear unless I am testing new foods.

When you follow the diet recommendations and healing tactics described throughout this book, your skin should stop breaking out and improving within 2-4 weeks.

End of excerpt.


If you are wondering if this diet is right for you then let me ask you a few questions.  

If you answer yes to even one of the following questions, then this diet is definitely for you. 

You see I used to have all of the health problems I listed at the top of this page, before I went on the diet that I have discovered and perfected. So I can relate to you.

.....So if you answer yes to any of the questions below, don't be ashamed or embarrassed. 

We are going to fix all of these problems so you don't have to deal with them anymore once you get on the diet program.

--- Are you fed up with having acne and being lied to about the cause of it like I was?  

--- Are you tired of every diet failing you, no matter how strict you try to stick to it?

--- Are you tired of not having the physical energy to do the things that you really want to do in life?

--- Are you tired of all that smelly nasty gas that just keeps coming non stop out of your behind, but you don't know why, like I was?

--- Are you tired of feeling like you have to go to the bathroom, but when you get there it just won't come out, and when it does, you have to strain so hard it feels like you are going to burst a blood vessel in your forehead? I have been there before.

--- Are you tired of your Medical doctor telling you that your acne is not caused by your diet, that you need to try his dangerous, sometimes irreversible, cancer causing pharmaceutical drugs, that are just a big money making scheme set up before you were born?  I went to a doctor about 15 years ago for bumps on my leg, and she gave me some cream to put on it.... And it didn't help at all !!!!

--- Are you tired of constantly feeling like doggy doo because of the foods you are eating, like I was? Going through the day just feeling blah.

--- Are you tired of tossing and turning all night in your bed because of itchy skin, like I used to have to put up with? It is a miserable irritating thing to go through.

--- Are you tired of constantly having to scratch your private parts because of that irritating itch that just won't go away, no matter how much you spray it with jock itch spray, like I did? Once I changed my diet, it went away with no spray.

--- Are you tired of it taking 10 minutes, half a roll of toilet paper, plus a couple flushes, before being able to get out the bathroom, like it used to take me? If I go off my diet just for a few meals, it usually happens again.

--- Are you tired of that itchy feeling in your rear end that is caused from the stuff you are eating, like I was? When I was driving a dump truck for a construction company, It was driving me crazy.....And I had no clue what was causing it at the time. Glad that's over with!!!

--- Are you tired of getting headaches, seemingly for no reason at all, like I used to get? Now I can choose whether or not I eat the foods that cause them, instead of being powerless over them. Headaches can really make life miserable and hard to concentrate on your work.

--- Are you tired of reading that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more? It's not the only way...As I have seen.

--- Are you frustrated by the diet industry lying to you about the reasons you store fat on your body in the first place? They are so full of it in the mainstream magazines it's not even funny.

--- Are you wondering why your heartburn keeps coming back after you eat, like mine used to? Certain combinations of foods just tear my stomach up even today if I go off my diet and eat them.

--- Do you find it hard to fall asleep when your stomach just keeps burning, like mine used to? I would be up half the night. I even elevated the head end of my bed about 8 inches by putting a bunch of books under the legs of it, because I read that it might help. It did a little, but the real reason that my stomach was burning really had nothing to do with the angle of my bed.

--- Are you tired of having to eat Rolaids constantly or rely on dangerous acid reflux medicines with nasty long term side effects to keep your stomach from burning, like I used to do when I was driving an 18 wheeler back in 1999. I know I keep talking about a burning stomach, but that is one of them that I am very thankful to God that I figured out!! 

--- Don't you wish that your skin would stop breaking out with acne so that you can ask that certain someone out on a date with confidence? This was a major accomplishment for me once I figured out that Acne really was caused from the stuff I was eating.

My Acne was driving me crazily insane!!!, and that is the whole reason I even started researching all this health stuff to start with.

--- Don't you want to know the root cause of your health problems so you can get your health back as soon as possible???  Well I am 99% confident, that 90% of your health problems are caused by eating the wrong foods on a regular basis. I know that is the last thing in the world that you want to hear, but I believe it is true. It was for me!!!

I sure am glad that I know what I know now. If it wasn't for me being my own boss when I was building a house mostly by myself, as a contractor for 7 years, with plenty of time for reading and experimentation with my diet, then I would probably still have all of my health problems today.

How would your life be different as a result from going on my diet program?

--- Just imagine how confident and proud you will feel once you lose all that extra weight in only months, that has taken you years to gain. Just like Debbie did.

--- Just imagine what it will feel like to wake up knowing that you are not going to have a bunch of new acne to deal with on the day that you really wanted to impress certain people.

--- Just imagine how much better it will feel to go the whole day with a stomach that is not burning a hole in itself.

--- Just imagine going the whole day only having to pass gas a few times instead of constantly throughout the day. Just imagine how the people around you will love it also.

--- Just imagine how your days will fly by once you have increased your physical energy because of your new way of eating.

--- Just imagine how good it will feel when people start to compliment you on how good your skin looks and ask you what your secret is.

--- Just imagine how much more self confidence you will have in your new body.

--- Just imagine how good it will feel to go to the beach and actually turn heads this year.

--- Just imagine how much more you will respect yourself for following through and reaching your health goals this year, instead of putting it off year after year. 

I can give you the tools and motivation that you need to make it a reality for you, but you need to follow through and take action, and not just sit there and wish your life would be different. You have within you the power to make the changes you need to. You just need to bring that power out and cultivate it.  

Aren't you tired of anything less than optimal health?

How much time and money and pain and suffering is it going to cost you in the long run, if you don't change your diet, you gain even more weight, your acne gets even worse because of taking acne drugs, and then you develop even more symptoms than you already have because you are not eating right? 

...And don't fall for all these gimmicky "miracle supplements" that you are being bombarded By the mainstream media supplement industry. 

Do you really think Acai and Reservatrol is going to magically save you?  For the price of their "free trials" you will soon go broke and have very little results to show for it. Read the fine print. Nothing is free about it.

But people gobble it up just because they see it on TV. You see these ads everywhere, because they are killing it with their profit margins, and they can afford to spend a fortune on their marketing budget. Do not be misled by the hype.

On the other hand, I have not sold out to anyone, and I will tell it to you strait. Just look at this website. I don't even have any Google ads on it. I am not endorsing anything that is not the 100% truth. 

And since I don't know what kind of ads Google would stick on here, and have you accidentally click on a link and get tricked into screwing up your health with pharmaceutical drugs, or wasting it on miracle supplements, I would rather lose out on the profits I would make, than to endorse something that could be potentially a scam.


I know the path that leads to health because I have done it, and I will share it with you.

Right now you have the opportunity to get on the path that will lead you to health. And it's not as hard as you might think. I have already put in the years of research and testing for you. 

You can take this plan that I developed, apply it in your life, and shortcut strait to benefiting from it, instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure it out on your own, like I had to do.

Unless you want to spend about 7 years of trial and error like I did, then you will want to take this proven plan and implement it in your life as soon as possible.

A healthy diet is probably not what you think.

Just because a magazine might say to eat it, doesn't necessarily make it healthy. 

And many of the diets popular today can actually make you gain more weight and make acne even worse in the long run, and are usually far from the diet required for healing health problems. If you are on the proper diet, your body can heal itself.

Drugs that don't address the root cause of your health problem can be very expensive and can have very nasty side effects including cancer and death. 

Are you willing to risk screwing your health up by taking synthetic drugs that are man made chemicals, that are totally unnatural  to your body, and have no business being there?


Many many thousands of people actually die each year from the some of the side effects of drugs and/or medical errors. 

You can help to avoid all this cost and pain and risk, and regain your health, once you are on the proper healing diet as long as you do it soon enough. It has taken me forever to find the truth on how to fix my health problems. 

How long will it take you? Not long if you keep an open mind and put your faith in me at least long enough to hear me out.

You see, I have reversed over 10 minor health problems on myself (including acne), by changing my diet and I also did it without drugs


I even helped one woman lose 60 pounds in 20 weeks, without exercise, drugs, or starving, with these methods. 

This information is powerful stuff. That's a lot of weight loss in a very short period of time! Don't you think? 

Some of these methods I explain in my book were actually taught by Jesus, over 2000 years ago, but somehow the current medical establishment has overlooked them. 

Don't you really want to get your healthy body that you used to have back? 


And don't you really believe that drugs and "miracle supplements" are not going to fix the root cause of your health problem? 

How long have you been taking drugs trying to reach your health goals? Have they worked yet? If not, when do you think they are going to "kick in"?

Don't you think that if they were going to work they would have already started to work? And how much time and money have you already wasted on them?

And how much longer are you going to try the same ole thing trying to get a different result?

Think about it like this...Adding water to a fire only puts it out, but leaves you with a bunch of wet ashes. Taking drugs just adds to the problem, and doesn't remove the cause of the problem. 

If you are serious about fixing your health, you will try and find wisdom in these words that I speak to you right now. 

I am here to help you!

Believe me, I know what you are going through trying to sort through all the conflicting opinions on health that are out there.

It took me about 5 years of reading everything I could find on health trying to fix my acne. 

At times I just wanted to give up.....But I didn't, and now I have clear skin, and I am down to a very low body fat percentage because of it.

Proverbs 20:15 “There is gold, and an abundance of jewels; but the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.”

For a limited number of people, the entire program, with all the bonuses, are free. Sign up at the top of this page

acne, constipation, and heartburn

PDF E-book  Instant download

The Digestive Chemistry Diet  

How to get Healthy Quick


cure acne digestive chemistry diet

PDF E-book  Instant download

Bonus # 1

Discover how to fix your acne just by changing your diet


lose weight without exercise the digestive chemistry diet

PDF E-book  Instant download

Bonus # 2

Learn the secrets of how to lose weight without exercise, without starving, or miracle supplements


heartburn acid reflux  the digestive chemistry diet

PDF E-book  Instant download

Bonus # 3

How to avoid Acid Reflux and Heartburn forever


I want you to regain your health and fix your health problems as quick as possible so you can start living the good life that you desire.

Live is not fun when we are not healthy. I know, I have been there and it is not fun, and that is what drove me to find how to heal our bodies naturally, and without the use of drugs of any kind.

Right now you have the opportunity to discover what I have learned over the last 7 years, but you will know it in days, instead of years of suffering and research like I did. 

This diet explains how to naturally put your body into healing mode, which will enable you to heal from many different types of health issues. It works really really good for losing a lot of weight too.

Just imagine how much better you will feel when you regain your health. How will your life be different? 

What is your health worth to you? Are you willing to take the steps I have discovered that are necessary to heal your body? 

You see, when you are on the proper diet, your body will heal itself. If you remove the cause, the problem will go away. 

The foods you are eating, the drugs you are taking, the chemicals you are absorbing through your skin, and/or the dust you are breathing in, are most likely causing your health problem.

This program enables you remove the cause of your health issue, and then rev up your immune system for healing to take place.

Once this happens you will know how to avoid the development of future health decline that so many people suffer with on a day to day basis. 

Are you willing to risk future sickness, pain and suffering, all because of a lack of knowledge?? 

The digestive chemistry diet explains step-by-step the way to regain your health. 


In the free coaching program you will discover exactly…

How to easily lose weight without exercise, without starving, and without drugs or surgery!!!

How to get rid of acne, headaches, gas, constipation , itchy skin, low energy, athletes foot, avoid colds and the flu without dangerous flu shots, and much more. This way of eating enables you to heal from many different types of health problems.

How to combine your foods so that they digest way more efficiently, and in a way that will get rid of those embarrassing and painful digestive problems.

How to steady your blood sugar and stabilize your moods, so you don’t have so many mood swings.

How to oxygenate your body without damaging, strenuous exercise that can mess you up permanently if you get injured.

How to find out which foods your genetics thrives on the best. So you can get rid of acne and eliminate digestive problems for good.

A list of foods that cause acne in most people that have acne. (These foods destroy my skin every time I eat them!)

How to get rid of acne and “razor bumps” by changing the types of foods you’re eating.

How to create tasty, healthy meals made of HEALTHY foods, that taste almost the same as the ones that are bad for you and lead to disease.

How to increase your physical energy, and sustain it, so you can get a lot more done in your days. 

How to keep your skin moisturized without having to use synthetic lotions that are expensive, full of dangerous chemicals, and actually bad for your health and make your skin age quicker.

Which foods promote health and which ones destroy it, and which foods to eat if you want to lose weight without exercise, and which ones make you pack on the pounds.  

The missing links to why you might be tired all the time.

Why all the washing in the world will never fix the root cause of acne.

The reasons why most popular diets today will fail you, and can actually make you get sick as a result from following them. 

Recipes  to keep your energy up, and how to prepare and store them so they do not rot fast.

How the food industry actually puts addictive chemicals into your food to keep you buying their pre-packaged food, which will prevent you from losing weight and keep you addicted to their foods.

The reason there is so much conflicting information out there about health and fitness, and how they lie to you about how you can easily lose weight without exercise, if you are on the proper diet.

Why the "FOOD PYRAMID WAY OF EATING", will almost always EVENTUALLY  lead most people down the road to disease and DECAY.  

How easy it is to make small changes now, that’ll make a huge difference in your overall health for the long-term. You will understand step by step how I reversed all my health problems, and how I got to a low body fat percentage in the process.

The real reason that people gain weight.  (It's not what you think. You are not storing fat so you can hibernate for the winter. You are storing excess acids and toxins in your fat cells. You will discover what to eat to neutralize these toxins, so the fat just melts off.)

The real reason people develop acne. (It has nothing to do with bacteria in your pores or a lack of using harsh cleansers). The manufacturers of these cleansers have been lying about the cause of acne for decades.

How to prepare meals that make you lose weight even if you stuff yourself.   The amount of food you eat has nothing to do with weight gain, it's the types of foods that really matters.

How to get rid of athlete’s foot and jock itch without medications or sprays.

The different types of fiber, and which ones are the best for gently scraping out old food residues from your digestive tract, and which types of fiber will make you gassy and have stomach cramps and feel miserable. (You want to make sure not to over eat them or you will be in major pain for the next few days.)

Why the last thing you want to do is exercise TONS of excess weight off. You need to lose most of your weight before  you start any exercise program (if you decide to add that element later). You see, Exercise is slightly damaging, so if your body is not in healing mode, then you can wear out your joints fast, especially if you are really overweight.

Which natural food sources have the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to nutrient content.

How to rev up your metabolism with a dirt cheap all natural herbal supplement, that is way safer and better than coffee, that will suppress your appetite. (Not required) 

The reason why you don’t need Vitamin supplements when you’re on the proper diet that digests efficiently. Exception: I do recommend taking supplemental ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) periodically, but ONLY at the right times, and ONLY with the right foods, or you could become extremely gassy and might get severe heartburn.

How to replace the friendly bacteria that your body needs to keep yeast organisms under control. (If you have taken antibiotics, then you definitely need to do this or you will get yeast overgrowth in your body which is not good at all. Yeast overgrowth is a major factor in many health problems, and most people have it and don't even know it.)

Which foods are OK to cook, and which foods should never be cooked. (Especially if you suffer from heartburn.)

The reason why bottled juices can be bad for your health, but fresh Raw juice is healing.

How to make sweet treats that won’t make you gain weight.

Which foods should never be eaten together at the same meal. (especially for acid reflux and gas)

How to eat "neutral meals" in between meals that contain foods that will  not digest well with the previous meal.

The way that the ratio of  macronutrients contained in a meal affects the overall glycemic index of the stomach contents. It's not just as simple as eating low glycemic foods or "slow carbs". (Most "experts" totally miss this one.)

Why you can eat home-made hash browns and French fries, and other fried foods, (as long as you use the proper type of oil, and eat them with foods that they will digest good with), which can actually be moderately healthy for your body, and still be able to lose weight without exercise and reverse acne.

The reason why you do not need to worry about the amount of total calories you eat in a day to lose weight without exercise. HINT: Its the type of calories. You can expel certain types of calories from your rear end into the toilet if you overeat them, as long as you don't eat them with certain foods.

Why this program is so much better and effective than probably any of the other diet programs that you have ever heard of for getting results. Why settle for a weight loss diet, when this diet plan is kinda like a "one stop shop" that fixes many minor health problems like acne, acid reflux, gas, headaches, itchy skin in private areas, and more. 

Remember: this is a healing diet that was modeled after many successful doctors' research in the past, and "tweaked", tested, and all tied together by me.... And I have attained near perfect health as a result of following this master plan that I have been putting together over the last 7 years. 



I am a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and you can ask me all the questions you want. I will be there for you! And remember: I have not sold out to anyone, like many people in the industry today. And I will tell it to you strait! No Lies.

acne, constipation, and heartburn

PDF E-book  Instant download

The Digestive Chemistry Diet PDF Ebook is included in the free coaching program. 

Sign up at the form at the top of this page.

Life is too short to put off changing your eating habits any longer. I am sure you realize this by now or you wouldn't be reading this right now. 

Let me help you make the changes that you know that you need to. I am here to help. 

If after reading the book, you don't understand any part of it, we can chat on the phone and I will answer any questions you might have. 


lose weight without exercise fast


If you suffer from any of the things I have listed above, and you don't sign up, then what's the reason?? 

If on the other hand, you are willing to try and take some advice from a guy that has reversed all of the things listed above, by changing his diet alone, then you will greatly benefit from participating in this coaching program. 

I just hate the way that people can't trust anyone anymore these days, and how skeptical most people are. But now a days, you have to be skeptical, with all the scams that are out there. You don't know who to trust. But eventually, you will have to trust someone, or you won't get very far very fast.

But you don't have to be skeptical with me.

I just want to help you reach your health goal ASAP, so you will give me an honest testimonial. So it is obviously in my best interest to help you reach your goal quick.  

And I am not here to waste your time either. These methods that I have used really work. And the methods for getting rid of acne by changing your diet, you won't find anywhere else, because I personally developed them by over 7 years of trial and error.

You will start seeing positive results in as little as 10 days or less of actually following the program, depending on your health issue.

For you, if you are reading this right now, and sign up today, there is nothing to buy ever, and you can quit at any time, but I think that you and me are going to become great friends

I will be here for you. 

I just wish there was someone that could have shown me the way to get healthy, back when I was unhealthy and suffering with minor health problems all the time. It would have made my search for the truth easy, instead of dragging on for years and years the way it did. 

The only reason I am doing this thing for free right now, is because my goal is to make this the best natural health diet program available, so I need your input, opinions, and results from being on the program.... And you will greatly benefit from participating. You will reach your health goal by following a proven plan, instead of by trial and error like I did. And it won't cost you a dime. But I won't be doing the free offer very long. I will have to keep the number of participants under control, because it is very time demanding the more clients I take on. But if you are reading this right now, I can squeeze you in.

Now go to the top of this page and sign up now, before you miss the boat.














The Digestive Chemistry Diet
What  makes "the digestive chemistry diet" so different?

Quick Weight Loss
How she achieved quick weight loss without exercise. It was all about the foods she ate and how she ate them. You see....


Lose weight without exercise the quickest way possible!
Lose Weight Without Exercise, OR Your Money Back Guaranteed!

Get rid of acne
Get rid of acne by going on The Digestive Chemistry Diet which also enables you to easily lose any extra weight. MY FRIEND ALSO LOST 60 POUNDS IN 20 WEEKS ON THIS DIET.

The South Beach diet
Warning: The south beach diet might not be as healthy as you think...

Warning: south beach diet recipes can actually make you gain weight in the long term.
The reason is that most south beach diet recipes contain a lot of high protein foods, which can make us become over acidic...

Does chocolate cause acne ? Yes chocolate definitely can cause acne
Does chocolate cause acne ? Yes chocolate definitely can cause acne in some people, depending on your genetics. There are many foods that can cause acne depending on your genetics.

Lose Weight Without Exercise or Dangerous Drugs
Lose Weight Without Exercise Guaranteed, on the digestive chemistry diet!

At LoseWeightWithoutExerciseFast.com You will discover how a

copy of atkins diet
Warning: Don't even think of wasting your money on a copy of atkins diet until you read this health warning.

poisionous food video--wake up and understand and save yourself from this stuff
The reason we get sick is because of the poisons in our food and drugs


bob greenes total body makeover an accelerated program of exercise and nutrition for maximum result in minimum time
bob greenes total body makeover an accelerated program of exercise and nutrition for maximum result in minimum time is focusing on exercising to lose weight. You can easily lose weight without exercise!

This is how to lose weight fast. How did she achieved quick weight loss without exercise??? It was all about the foods she ate and how she combined them. You see....


Pictures of my weight loss
These pictures are of my weight loss which is a result of my diet program i have developed over the last 6 years of trial and error.

my new fitness book introduction
Here are some of the key points that my book will cover. This book needs to be the next "New York Times bestseller".

Dance Exercise Clothing Weight Loss Diet
Finally Fit into all your Dance Exercise Clothing that you already have.

All fad diets are not created equal
Most of the popular fad diets actually make you sicker than when you started them because...

The Digestive Chemistry Diet Alkalizes your body's tissues, which can lead to rapid fat loss without drugs
The reason The Digestive Chemistry Diet lets you lose weight is because it makes our bodies more alkaline, which in turn neutralizes the excess acid stored in our fat cells.




Is a vegetarian diet healthier or better for losing weight,
Is a vegetarian diet healthier or better for losing weight?

Acne treatment
Suggestions on treatment of acne by a retired dermatologist

How to lose weight
It takes more than just losing a few pounds to truly live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. That's why the Slim Girl's Box of Secrets comes with a unique set of benefits that you just won't find elsewhere.

THE VEGETARIAN RINSE was going to be the name of my book before I started eating meat again after my 3 years of being strict vegan. I now believe that eating certain meats can be beneficial to your health.  But the vegetarian thing definitely has its benefits also. In my book "the digestive chemistry diet, I explain how to design a healthy diet that is based on smart food choices that digest properly, no matter if you are vegetarian or not. Also the woman that lost 80 pounds never quit eating meat, she just followed part of my program and still had excellent results. I just left this page up because I took the time to make it, and it reflects the evolution of my health. I will keep my book up-to-date of how my health is directly related to the foods that I eat.

Health Diet Food
I have found a way to make health diet food taste almost as good as the junk that I used to be addicted to. It is all about How you prepare your foods. You see a lot of the flavor of a meal is the salt, herbs, spices, and also the texture of the foods. A food dehydrator will let you make stuff that taste like meat, but it is made of sunflower seeds, herbs and spices.

Lose Weight Without Exercise, as Quick and Fast as Possible – Alkalize
Lose Weight Without Exercise, as Quick and Fast as Possible. Tip - Alkalize. The digestive chemistry diet explains how to really lose weight without exercise fast.

See videos of me playing original guitar songs on Google video.

Rapid weight loss tips -- eliminate refined starches from your diet
Rapid weight loss tips -- eliminate refined starches from your diet. Woman lose 60 pounds in 20 weeks without exercise on the digestive chemistry diet program


causes of diarrhea
Causes of diarrhea can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. There are many different health issues that could be causing your diarrhea.

Foods That Relieve Constipation
Foods that relieve constipation should be eaten on a regular basis by anyone that has bowel impaction or problems going to the bathroom without straining.

Digestive Chemistry Diet
This Digestive Chemistry Diet let a girl lose 60 pounds in 20 weeks without exercise

Acne medicine is not as effective as changing your diet.
Acne medicine only treats the symptoms of acne. They do not remove the cause of acne. Acne is caused from toxins being eliminated through your skin.

fix acne by going on the The Digestive Chemistry Diet
Stop Acne by going on The Digestive Chemistry Diet. It shows you which foods are causing your acne, and what to eat instead.

Diet meal plan
A Diet meal plan that actually works is not what you think even if a magazine says it is.

Digestive Chemistry Diet
This Digestive Chemistry Diet let a girl lose 60 pounds in 20 weeks without exercise

FREE 7 Day Mini-Course on The Digestive Chemistry Diet
Click Here to Receive your copy of the FREE 7 Day Mini-Course on The Digestive Chemistry Diet

Quick Weight Loss Drugs
Quick Weight Loss Drugs can have nasty side effects including Inability to control bowel movements.

Please take just a minute to complete this survey

Lose Weight Without Exercise, as Quick and Fast as Possible – Alkalize
Lose Weight Without Exercise Testimonial. This is an actual part of a letter that I received from a woman named Debbie.

Please share your experiences on The Digestive Chemistry Diet Blog
Take a minute to leave a comment on the blog. Anyone can post.

Please read my DISCLAIMER before you do anything!

Food Combining Chart
Here is my super fancy Food Combining Chart that I just made. Remember: you don't have to follow it 100% strict to benefit from it, in the book I explain how to use it, and many exceptions to it that wouldn't fit on the chart itself. Also it might be best to slightly bend the rules at certain times. It is kind of like a big chunk of ice, that I masterfully carve out into a detailed statue in the full version of my book.

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Free Coaching Program Opt-in page
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You will not find this information that I have available here unless you spend many many hours researching like I have. 

And then if you did do all of that research, you would still have to experiment forever to know which tactics are effective, and which ones are not. 

I have done all the years of research and trial and error testing different diet plans FOR YOU, and now I have written a book, that explains step by step, exactly what is required for you to do, if you want optimal, dis-ease free health also.

The only thing that is required of you , is to put in the time reading this book, and then taking small action steps each day, and then you can start building your health and vitality as well. 

The sad story is that statistics show that only a small percentage of the population will put in the time to read the information that they need to improve their lives. And if they were willing, they don't know who to trust.

Hopefully, for your benefit,  you will soon understand that I am a very sincere person, who is willing to help you reach your health goals. I am not here to waste your time.







For a limited number of people, the entire program, with all the bonuses, are free. Sign up at the top of this page

cure acne digestive chemistry diet

PDF E-book  Instant download

Bonus # 1

Discover how to fix your acne just by changing your diet


lose weight without exercise the digestive chemistry diet

PDF E-book  Instant download

Bonus # 2

Learn the secrets of how to lose weight without exercise, without starving, or miracle supplements


heartburn acid reflux  the digestive chemistry diet

PDF E-book  Instant download

Bonus # 3

How to avoid Acid Reflux and Heartburn forever


acne, constipation, and heartburn

PDF E-book  Instant download

The Digestive Chemistry Diet  

How to get Healthy Quick

For a limited number of people, the entire program, with all the bonuses, are free. Sign up at the top of this page


lose weight without exercise fast

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