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The reason that I’m writing this book is because I want to save the earth, and I think the place to start is by healing the people bodies first, so we are happier, healthier and more productive as a human race. A healthier physical body makes for improved mental health also. The only thing we truly own in this world is our physical bodies and our attitudes.


For most people I think this whole subject of health and fitness is a mystery to them. Anyone that makes a study of health and fitness will find there’s much conflicting information. It’s almost like everyone in the world has written a book on the subject. Everyone has his or her own opinion.

Some people actually get paid to promote propaganda. They’re looking after the profits of the company that they work for. For example: let’s say somebody works for a cookie factory, and then a study is done that says that their cookies are unhealthy for people to eat. Some companies will actually just pay somebody to write a book that says the exact opposite, so they don’t lose out on their potential profits. This is done in many industries.

Ancient wisdom

There have been many many studies done on health and nutrition. The human race has been studying this subject for thousands of years and many many generations. It is currently the year 2008 A.D. “A.D.” stands for “after the death of Christ”.

In the 1930s they found a document in a cave, that radiocarbon dates back to 2000 years ago, and it is the lost teachings of Jesus. Many mainstream churches do not even mention anything about this document. They hold their ground and say that everything that is in the Bible is the only stuff that is supposed to be in it.

In the Bible there’s not a whole lot of information on what foods we are supposed to eat, there is however a little bit. In the beginning of the Bible it says that we are supposed to eat seed bearing plants.

The lost teachings of Jesus that were found in the cave, does however address the topic of health and fitness. Some of the tactics that are talked about in this document are the value of sunlight on our skin, water, fresh air, fasting, a primitive method of administering colonics, getting rid of parasites, and the value of eating raw foods, just to name a few.

Many of the methods talked about in “the lost teachings of Jesus” have been proven by alternative medicine, and are currently being used by “alternative medicine” doctors.

So-called “alternative medicine” was the only medicine that existed for thousands and thousands of years.

If you want to be healthy you need to study health. Anything that you want to accomplish in life, somebody else has probably already accomplished. The fastest way to “speed up time” and reach your goals faster, is to use a proven plan that somebody else has followed and been successful with.

A proven plan

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The only reason the human race has survived so far, is because we have passed down valuable information about how to live, to our kids. After the invention of the paper and pen, we were able to collect data, and analyze it to see what worked and what didn’t. Humans have been studying health for a long time now. We know that some foods are bad for us, and some foods are good for us.

Not everyone throughout history has told the truth. The Bible warns us that some people lie. There are many liars that are walking the planet today. There are many liars that write books today, especially on the topic of which foods are good for our health, and which foods are bad.

There are many many different foods that are bad for us to eat. In a different chapter of this book I will make a list of these foods. I have been studying health and fitness for about six years now. I’ve tried this diet and that diet. I have many journals that I have recorded what foods I would eat, the combinations of the foods, the recipes, and the way these foods made me feel, and the way they would make me look.

Some people can eat almost anything and seem healthy, but some people like myself, will be healthier and greatly benefit from eating clean, nontoxic, ”high octane” foods. If you have some kind of health problem, it is because of a reason. These reasons can be figured out.

Many health problems can be reversed by eating the right foods at the right times, getting away from all the toxins in our environment and food, and putting the body into healing mode. Your body needs nutrients to rebuild your tissues and organs. These nutrients are found in our foods, but not just any food will do. Our foods need to be fresh and not rotten, and of the proper type. What is food for one animal might not be the best food for another animal.

Each species all the plant has a different optimal diet.

In nature, cows usually eat grass and other vegetation. Cheetahs and other cats, usually just eat other animals. Vultures they usually eat dead animals that are rotting. Some birds eat berries, while other birds like the owl, eat mice and small rodents. Giraffes eat the leaves of trees. Most Monkeys eat fruits. Bears will eat fish and sometimes even eat people. Squirrels usually eat nuts from trees. Each animal has its own special diet that it thrives on.

One thing to think about however is that, in nature, all animals do not eat do that has been cooked or heated by fire like humans. When we cook our food it destroys some of the nutrients and all of the enzymes. Only eating food that has been cooked, and never eating any raw food nutrients, is one of the major reasons why there are so many diseased humans on the planet. Some cooked foods can be good for us, but we do need raw food nutrients to stay healthy over the long-term.

The reason I started studying health

The reason I started studying health was because I had acne and I went to solve it. Also I have only been to a medical doctor a couple times in my life and I don’t think that they helped me at all.

My dad always told me to let my food be my medicine. Over the years it always seemed that certain foods would make me break out. When I started studying the causes of Acne, I kept reading everywhere that it was not caused by food. However, as I kept reading I found that many books had a different opinion. Some books said that certain foods would make you break out. I now know from my own experience that this is true.

I have systematically made myself a living health experiment.

I now know what works and what doesn’t. Information like this is very very valuable. I have reversed and healed about ten minor health problems on myself over the last 10 years. I have done it without medications of any sort. The way that I now eat keeps me healthy. This book will focus on how I did it, and how you can do it also. This book will be like a road map to help you reach your health and fitness goals. I am a certified personal trainer by the “national academy of sports medicine”.

What is possible

A couple of years ago I helped this girl lose 60 pounds and 20 weeks with absolutely no exercise. I gave her a couple charts, explained a few minor things to change in the way she eats, and she had amazing results.

I didn’t realize how powerful the information I had stumbled upon was until I witnessed it with my own eyes.

She wrote me a letter thanking me for changing her life. She said that she had always wanted to lose weight but didn’t know how. She also said that it was easy to do.

I have taken the basic information that I gave her, and have improved on it greatly. I now know which foods give me tons of energy, and which foods zap my energy.

I just don’t get sick anymore unless…

I pretty much stick to my program 99.9 percent of the time. Anytime that I don’t follow my plan, I will have digestive problems, low-energy, headaches, heartburn, gas pains, itchy skin, or sometimes actually catch a cold. However as long as I stick to my plan, my body is very resistant to catching a cold.

During Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Years holidays, while everyone else was miserably sick with a cold, it was like I was almost most totally immune to it. My body just did not break down like theirs did.

Experiencing this has given me a new sense of confidence in the power of my program. If we give our bodies half of a chance it will keep us healthy and pain-free.

Transition slowly

It will be important for you to make many small changes gradually over the course of two to six weeks so that your body can adapt to this new way of eating. However you will start feeling better within less than a week, maybe even in just a few days. Your body will love you for it.


                                                         Teddy G.  NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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