If you are sick with some kind of disease, youmight be wondering what caused it in the firstplace. Throughout history wise people havealways told us about the law of cause and effect. What couldpossibly be making everybody so sick?

It is something in the food?

It is something in the water?

It is something in the air?

When we start to study how the human body works,we will clearly see that our body rebuilds itself with thefoods that we eat. Not all foods are safe to eat.

Just because it fits into our mouth andthat we can chew it up and swallow it does not mean that it is fit for ourconsumption.


The manufacturers put chemicalsin our food to keep bacterias, molds, germs and stuff from growing. Thesechemicals (preservatives) are poisons, and that's what keeps bacterias fromgrowing. We are basically poisoning the bacteria so that they cannot grow.

But this poison does not just killthe bacteria. It is also killing us, slowly, because we are ignorant to the factthat it is poisioning our bodys and minds.


As hard as it may be to believe, the so-called healthfreaks and health nutsare really not freaks after all. They are the smart people whosee the big picture and understand some of the laws of nature.

When we understand the laws of nature, and how cause andeffect is a very real law of the universe, we will begin to study the rootcauses of health conditions. (if we really wish to get and stay healthy.) If you want to behealthy you need to study health, and how to achieve a healthy body naturally withoutdangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Most medical doctors are notvery knowledgeable about proper nutrition. And if they are they usually do notshare it with their patients. Has a doctor ever told youthat there are many poisons in our food that might be causing whatever health problemyou are currently experiencing, or does he just say to takea prescription and send you on your way.

Think outside the box and look in the big picture.


Every other animal on the planet doesn't constantly take drugs. They also don'tcook their food. They also get plenty of exercise. How can it be that all theseanimals are running around having a good time, not cooking any food, and nottaking any drugs?

I think you'll find, if you continue your study of what ittakes to become a healthy human being, that the best way to do it is by eatingorganic, fresh, ripe, fruits and vegetables, and some grains.

Also you need to consider that not all people are supposed toeat all foods.

 Your genetics will determine on which foods willbe the most life-giving to your body.

Trains, planes and automobileshave made every food on the planet available to many people who might not beable to digest it properly because of their unique genetics.

An example of a food that many people have negativeaffects from is wheat. If I eat whole-grain wheat,it will give me bad headaches, and italso will cause me to have cystic acne.

That's why many packaged foods say on it"gluten-free". Wheat gluten is a common food Allergen thatmany people are allergic to. When I say allergic I'm not talking about sneezing,I'm talking about a minor negative reaction that your body has two ingestingthis substance.


With a little trial and error, after a pointin the right direction, you can find which foods your body thrives on the best.

It is worth it to start studying naturalhealth today.

You can do it.

Anything you put your mind to you can do.



Monday, June 16, 2008

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