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"What would you think if I were to tell you that there is a Quick weight loss  without even exercising method that I discovered over 6 years ago, that barley anyone even has heard of ?"                 

                                            Teddy Grandy   NASM Certified Personal Trainer


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Hello, my name is Teddy Grandy and I am here to let you know that I have found a way to lose weight without taking drugs or starving.

The picture to the left is me. 

This is shape that I am in right now as of 2008. I'm 32 years old. 

I'm in better shape now that I was ten years ago.  And I know that the way that I eat, will enable me to never become overweight.

My quick weight loss was a result of this diet program that I have been improving on for the last six years. 


Six years ago I found away of eating that enabled me to lose about 20 pounds in about 1 month.  I'm talking about the last 20 pounds, and I'm talking about quick weight loss.

Remember this was six years ago and I have been improving these methods ever since.

I didn't know how powerful these methods were until a couple of years ago this girl decided she would try my methods that I was so excited about.  She followed about half of my advice and she lost 60 pounds of weight within only 20 weeks.  I couldn't believe it. You tell me if that is Quick Weight Loss. I dont think it could be healthy to lose weight any quicker.

How could these methods not be known to the general public.  Then I found out that it is all a big cover-up by the pharmaceutical industries, and food and supplement industries.  If you knew how to not gain weight, then these big companies will lose out on a lot of profits.

If people knew how to lose weight quick without exercise, it would put these big companies that make all these diet pills and drugs right out of business. It would also greatly reduce the amount of exercise equipment that is purchased and gym memberships renewed year after year.

Its not hard for these big corporations with endless bank accounts actually just pay people to write articles and put out a lot of misinformation to try to keep these no exercise quick weight loss methods a secret. Its called PROPAGANDA and it has been used throughout history by people that lie and steal to get what they want.

It took me forever to find out how to do these methods, but once I discovered them, the weight loss happened fast. Remember, it was six years ago when I first discovered this life changing information.

Over the last six years I have been improving on these quick weight loss methods and how to correct and prevent numerous minor health problems. Just about any health problem could benefit from this way of eating because it is modeled after people who have recovered from major health problems like cancer.

My Quick Weight Loss Diet is different

I have taken these methods to the next level. I have been keeping a food journal, and recording the way that certain food combinations affect the way that I feel and look.

I would pay $1 million if I could go back to kindergarten and learn how to eat this way.  This diet isn't just about quick weight loss.  

This way of eating has fixed my acne, made me lose weight down to my ideal body weight, has gotten rid of athlete's foot, I don't headaches anymore,  I have tons of energy and never wear out, and I feel like a million bucks compared to the way that I used to.

I first got interested in weight loss when I was about 21 years old.  This is when I first started to gain weight and my skin still had Acne. At the time I didn't know that my acne had anything to do with the foods that I was eating.


The Atkins diet is not the way to

lose weight quick and keep it off, and it can cause acne to get worse because of all the animal fat that you are allowed to eat.

I guess the first diet that I tried to lose weight with was the Atkins diet.  I tried it and it seemed  to work at first but then I started to get really tired and low-energy. I think I only lost about five pounds on that diet anyway. And it definitely was not Quick Weight Loss. It took a couple of weeks.

When my grandmother had cancer I started researching what a really healthy diet was. I had read that people had reversed cancer by changing their diet, so I would read and read and read, trying to figure it out.

I found that certain foods could make our bodies start to heal up quicker, because of all the powerful nutrients that they contain.  I found that most people only eat foods that have been cooked, processed, refined, stripped of nutrients, denatured, and all the enzymes are dead.

There are thousands and thousands of different types of animals on the planet and they're all eating raw foods.  There are also different types of animals.  Some animals only eat plants like a cow and some animals are carnivores and eat other animals like a cheetah.

Then I started studying what is the optimal human diet.  I read so many hours that my eyes would start to burn.

Anyway to make a long story short, I have been reading, researching, recording my results, developing theories, and testing my theories for the last six years.

The way that I feel now as a result of my diet is unbelievable.  Every time I go off of it I feel bad. Or at least not as good as when I stick to my program.

I have written a book on how I did all of this.  I have taken the mystery out of how to design each meal by designing a bunch of food charts. Below is just one of them. You don't follow it 100% strict, but you use it as a general guideline for your macronutrients.


These charts make it simple to pick a type of meal that you are craving, and how to design and combine certain foods together that will digest quickly and efficiently. This is just part of my book. It is what makes it so easy to understand.

But the book also goes into detail about why these methods work. It is written in very plain language so that anybody can understand it.  

In my opinion this book is the best one that I've ever read because I have read so many diet books and they are all missing major pieces to the health and fitness puzzle.

Most of the books that I see in the bookstore, I can scan right through and quickly tell  by looking in the index if they are missing major key issues.

To find out more about this book that I have written that can easily change your life as it has mine, fill out the form at the top of this page to get a free mini course. Or you can click on the link at the bottom of this page to find out what you will learn when you purchase the full version of my book.

You can quickly download the book, scan through it and put into action the action steps and follow the charts, and you'll start feeling better overall within a week, and within one month you will no that you have in your possession very valuable life changing information.

If this information does not totally change your life for the better, you can simply let me know and I will refund every penny of your money.

Remember this book is not available in stores, because it is very hard to get published the traditional way, so I have decided to publish the book myself and put it into a downloadable format so that people can find this life changing information on how to quickly lose weight without even exercising, and reverse many minor health problems like acne, constipation, gas pains and low energy, all at the same time.

Click on the link below to find out more about exactly what this book reveals. This information is truly life changing. It makes you feel like a kid again, before we developed all of our minor health problems that so many people continually live with day after day and just tolerate.

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