lose weight without exercise fast


You scanned them upside down, but I was able to flip them in an editing program.

I can read most of it.

Are the soups prepackaged with other ingredients?

The reason I ask, is that almost all prepackaged foods contain "table salt" which can cause acne. "Sea salt" is good though, but not too much.

Also dairy products can cause acne also. So if possible try to eliminate all butter and ice cream.

Also broccoli has made me break out in the past. 

Do you ever have constipation? This can also lead to acne because toxins can be reabsorbed into the blood stream and then be eliminated through the skin.  

"Psyllium Husk" can be bought for cheap in a local store for around ten dollars. I have been taking it recently and it is good. It will help to clean the colon.

How much water do you drink per day? What color is the urine? Dark or clear? 

Do you have the ability to make your own soup from scratch?

Also do you have a blender to make smoothies?

Good work on keeping your journal.

Try to get back to me soon with the answers.

Keep up the good work on the journal. Try to write extra clear in the future, and make sure to scan it so it is "right side up"

You can do it!!! Small adjustments here and there will make the big difference in your success. Keep up the good work.

Talk to you soon.



lose weight without exercise fast

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