Warning: south beach diet recipes may lead to acidosis!


south beach diet recipes can be unhealthy

"Did you know that most south beach diet recipes contain lots of animal protein, which will eventually lead to an over acidic body ph. When we become over acidic, our bodies have to neutralize the excess acid or store it in our fat cells. 

This is why these high protein diets are dangerous to stay on long term, and most people gain the weight right back. 

The south beach diet even recommends that you avoid carrots. Carrots are on of the healthiest foods available. The south beach diet has many flaws, and I would not recommend it to anyone if the wish to avoid future health issues"

                                            Teddy G.  NASM Certified Personal Trainer

south beach diet recipe are unhealthy

A lot of south beach diet recipes contain cheese which is very clogging to the digestive tract. 

If we want to lose weight we need to eliminate foods that glue us down. Cheese does not dissolve in water. You can see how it sticks onto your dishes even after soaking in water overnight. It is very hard for your body to digest.

This woman I know lost 60 pounds of fat in within 20 weeks on a balanced diet that is based on "Digestive chemistry" which makes our foods digest way more easily. 

She also did not exercise the entire time while losing the weight. The Hardest way to lose weight is by exercising it off.

The digestive chemistry diet Addresses the root cause of why we gain weight and corrects this condition. We gain weight because we are storing excess acids and toxins in our fat cells so as to protect our vital organs from damage. 

South beach diet recipes do not contain enough raw food nutrients

When we eat the certain raw plant food nutrients, they neutralize these toxins, and then the weight just melts off because our bodies have no use for it.

We do not gain weight because we are storing up energy for hibernation. The required amount of fat for that purpose is very small. We can live a long time without food and still only lose a small amount of fat. This is why starvation diets don't work.  

"The digestive chemistry diet" streamlines the digestive process, and puts our bodies into healing made because it reduces the time it takes our foods to digest. This takes a big strain off of our body and eliminates constipation, gas pains,  heartburn. It explains how certain foods do not digest well together, and which ones do. The south beach diet doesn't

Right now you might be thinking to yourself that it is impossible to lose weight without exercise, but it is totally possible and real. We just have to give our bodies the nutrients it needs. South beach diet recipes Do not contain the Proper amounts of the right types of living, uncooked nutrients to lead to lasting weight loss.

Whenever we cook all of our food, we are killing the enzymes that make our bodies digest our foods more easily. Every animal on the planet only eats raw foods that have not been cooked by fire. We also have the ability to live on raw foods, But it is the total lack of eating raw foods that is making us sick. A lot of south beach recipes are mostly cooked.

.....Anyway I  have figured out a way to lose weight without exercise, and  without starving or taking drugs. I have been perfecting this way of eating over the last 6 years. 

I have never felt better in my life, and it is because I am eating the proper fuel that my body needs to stay healthy. South beach diet recipes will actually make you gain weight because it makes you more acidic. 

You see, the weight loss was actually a side effect from going on this diet that I discovered that healed my acne, constipation, gas pains, headaches and heartburn. If i eat south beach diet recipes i would eventually start developing acne again. 

South beach diet recipes also do not take into account that some people will have food allergies to certain foods. The digestive chemistry diet has a list of foods that are likely to cause mild allergic reactions inside our body, that are causing symptoms , without us knowing the reason why we are not feeling good.

The reason we get sick with any disease is because we are eating the wrong fuel for our bodies. When we stop eating the wrong stuff and start eating the foods that God designed us to eat, our body heals itself, and goes back to our healthy weight. 

It is unhealthy for our bodies to carry around a bunch of extra weight, so once we get on the right diet, our body gets rid of the excess fat. Its just that the way that we eat forces our body to do the best it can, and it is just trying to protect our vital organs from the toxins and acids that are currently being stored in our fat cells.

You wouldn't put gasoline into a 18 wheeler that  runs on Diesel would you? This is what we are doing with our bodies if we try and eat anything other than what we are designed to eat. 

Every animal on the planet has its own unique diet. Giraffes eat leaves at the top of trees, cows eat grass, cheetahs eat deers, fish eat other fish. A Giraffe would die if it only ate fish, and fish would die if they only ate leaves. A giraffes would die if it only ate the foods that are in the south beach diet recipes.

the south beach diet would kill a girraffe

Humans also need exactly the right foods. South beach diet recipes do not contain all of the foods that we need, and the recipes contain too much of the things that make us sick.

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