The South Beach diet the south beach diet is not the ideal diet

Warning: the South Beach Diet”

Can be dangerous to your health.




“ I would highly recommend to anyone that they re-consider going on any low carbohydrate diet that focuses on eating tons of meat and cheese.  A Low Carb Diet can work to reduce weight if it is done properly with the right foods and in cycles, but the South Beach Diet is definitely not the way to do it ”

Teddy G.    NASM Certified Personal Trainer



You see, the "South Beach type" diet starts out right in the very beginning recommending that you go on to a low carbohydrate diet that focuses on things like turkey, fish, shellfish, meat eggs and cheese. 


Eating tons of meats and cheeses, is very far from being a healthy diet.  Cheeses are very clogging to your digestive track because they contain no fiber in them.


Stuck rotting food

No fiber foods can lead to constipation or varying degrees of constipation, which can lead to many health problems including headaches, Acne, gas pains, and rotting food stuck in your digestive track.


Ever wonder what that smell is from. Rotten stuff smells rotten. Period. Common sense right. The good news is that we can get this rotten stuff out if we are on the proper diet.


Alkaline/Acid Ash Residues

Also whenever we eat beef, chicken and other meats, they also leave an acid ash in our bodies. This contributes to the overall acidic load that our body has to deal with.


 Canned vegetable juices

This diet also recommends drinking canned vegetable juices, which have all been pasteurized, which means they have been cooked. Whenever you pasteurize acid fruits like tomatoes, oranges, or lemons, it changes them dramatically. 


If you were to eat raw tomatoes or raw tomato juice, the ash that is left after your body burns it for fuel would be slightly alkaline.  But if you were to eat cooked tomato juice, the ash would be acidic. When our bodies become over acidic, it can lead to many health problems including bone loss. When our bodies become over acidic this condition is referred to as “acidosis”.


South beach diet can make you gain fat long term.

When our bodies become over acidic, our body has to neutralize the acids or store them in fat.  If there is enough carbohydrates available, it will probably store them in our fat cells.  If there’s not enough carbohydrates, our body might decide to take calcium from our bones to neutralize the acids.


Another bad thing about the “ South Beach diet is that in the first phase it is a low carbohydrate diet that is recommending that you cannot eat fruits.  Fruits are very good for our bodies as long as they are eaten raw and in the right combinations.


So basically this diet, right from the beginning, is clogging you down by eating a lot of meats and cheeses, and saying not to eat fruit.  This is not the way to go.


Also the South Beach diet is recommending to drink coffee.  I have broken out in acne many times from drinking coffee. Also coffee makes your body become more acidic. 



When most of the foods that we eat are contributing to our acidic load, and not enough alkaline foods are eaten to neutralize this acidic load, we become out of balance and over acidic which leads to disease.


Eating lots of fresh raw salads and fruits makes our bodies become more alkaline.  We want to eat 80 percent of our foods that produce an alkaline ash, and only 20 percent of foods that leave an acidic ash. This will keep us in balance.


Of course all foods are not just acid or alkaline.  Some foods can make you more alkaline than others.  Some foods are neutral.  Some of the most alkaline foods would be Raw leafy green vegetable juice. Some of the most acidic foods are coffee and liquor. 


One good thing about the “South Beach diet” however, is that it allows you to eat vegetables. The thing is that not all vegetables are created equal.


Some vegetables leave and acid ash, and others leave alkaline ash. One good thing about the South Beach diet is that it recommends avoiding candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and sugar. Eating lots of sugar also makes your body become more acidic.


So the South Beach diet ……

Is going to make you over acidic, clogged up, and depleting you of your carbohydrate stores, which can cause headaches, depression, and low-energy right from the beginning.  This is the total opposite of what a healthy diet consist of.  This is just a “knockoff version” of the Atkins diet.


The South Beach Diet recommends eating a mozzarella cheese stick for midmorning snack.  If I was to eat the cheese stick, my stomach would not feel very good. The reason that it would make me feel not so good is because I have been on the proper diet for about three years now.  I have occasionally gone off of my diet plan I have developed, and eaten some of the foods that they recommend in the South Beach diet at a party or something, and I always feel worse than if I stick to my diet program.


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